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Preparing for the most important presentation of his life, a sales rep visited  a psychiatrist. “I’ll implant a hypnotic suggestion in your mind,” said the shrink. “Just say ‘one-two-three,’ and you’ll give the presentation of your life. However, do not say ‘one-two-three-four,’ because it will cause you to freeze up and make a fool or yourself.”

The sales rep was ecstatic. So, he tried it at home and gave a fabulous presentation. He tried it at work and got a standing ovation. Then came the big day. Everything was set up in the boardroom and the CEO signaled him to start. The sales rep whispered under his breath, “One-two-three.”

Then the CEO asked, “What did you say ‘one-two-three’ for?” The sales rep froze up!

It’s not easy to do a sales presentation. But here’s the reality behind it. Everything depends on the presentation. It’s not an option you exercise. It’s part of the business deal that will decide whether you will get the business or not.

I have done so many presentations and I continue to do it today. Consulting with clients, presenting training course materials. And here I am still learning how to improve doing it because learning never stops. I learned a great deal from Doug Firebaugh who is an expert in this field. He has written an article entitled: “Killer Presentations.” I have studied it, added some thoughts, and hope you find the ideas useful for your presentations.

Presentations are critical. The presentation is where you start the education process of the prospect and give enough information for them to decide if  they want to see more or it’s not for them.

Killer presentation Tip 1:

A presentation should not inform, but IMPACT! It would be best if you impacted the prospect not only with facts, but also with EMOTION. Remember this: To inform is to lecture. To impact is to MOVE. There are three things a presentation should be:

1) High Tech - Tech tools you need to enhance presentation.

2) High Touch - Connecting with the audience with authenticity, honesty, and empathy.

3) High Torch - Your audience sees you on fire. Not just hype, but genuine passion and energy.

Killer presentation Tip 2:

Presentations must keep the interest of the prospect at all times. In today’s virtual meetings, some presenters try too hard “not” to lose the connection. So they “engage” the audience with many silly games, exercises, and other vain attempts to the dismay and distaste of the audience. However, suppose the presentation’s content is helpful, and the delivery is confident and competent. In that case, there is no worry that the audience will turn off their cameras and start doing online shopping.

Killer presentation Tip 3:

Keep your audience INVOLVED! It is not your job to keep them interested, but involved. An involved prospect usually evolves into a HOT prospect. Again content is king, and delivery is queen.

Killer presentation Tip 4:

There is a difference between giving a presentation and BEING IN a presentation. Giving is education. BEING IN is motivation. Do not let a PowerPoint presentation do the talking for you. Do not let your screen share the work for you. PowerPoint presentations are important, especially for those requiring tabulations of numbers or displaying graphics or figures. But to rely on the PowerPoint and read over it would only make the entire presentation boring. Some PowerPoints lack Power, others lack Points.

I do what is most effective for me. I rarely use it. But it’s because of the kinds of talks I do.

Killer presentation Tip 5:

Draw your prospect or audience INTO the presentation. Use the “POWER 6 Phrase...” “What this means to you is...” Keep them involved. Ask questions, opinions, and input. Get them to say how this would make a difference in their lives. Draw them to you. Always think of solutions you can provide to solve their problems. Empower your audience.

Finally, always remember that you do not just PRESENT. You PROPOSE. There is a reason why the first word in the presentation is PRESENT. So make sure you are very present in every presentation. BE THERE. BE REAL. Have a presence about you, and your presentation will create a presence with your audience.



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