AG&P taps UK firm for LNG terminal’s marine works

MANILA, Philippines — Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company of Manila Inc. (AG&P) has selected UK-based contractor Acteon Integrated Solutions (AIS) for jetty and marine works of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

In a statement on its website, AIS said it has secured an integrated project with AG&P for the development of a LNG import and regasification terminal in Batangas Bay, called Philippines LNG (PLNG).

“We are delighted to have secured this major win for the AIS team to support AG&P on this exciting and important project,” AIS executive vice president Mathias Bruneau said.

Under the contract, AIS will be responsible for the full construction of the jetty and all the marine works, except anything to do with the transportation of the LNG product.

“AG&P is privileged to have AIS take on the marine scope for our PLNG facility, which will be the first LNG import and regasification terminal in the Philippines and become a critical gateway for clean fuel in this beautiful and fast-growing country. Acteon is a powerhouse in the marine space globally and we are excited to work with their team,” AG&P senior vice president Zickie Allgrove said.

The PLNG will store LNG and dispatch natural gas to power plant, industrial and commercial customers and other consumers, opening up a new era of clean energy for the country and doing its part for the Philippines to compete for and win investment and jobs.

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So far, AG&P has already completed its pre-development work for PLNG, which is expected to be commissioned by summer 2022.

PLNG will kick-start the country’s LNG importation and regasification ability as the first commissioned LNG terminal in the country, delivering gas to secure the current and future energy demand of the region.

It will have the initial capacity to deliver up to three metric tons per annum (mtpa) of regasified LNG, with additional capacity for liquid distribution.

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