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Mia, an elementary school student at the IRIS Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired Youth, is sliding her finger on the tablet screen covered with a special grid. By following the vibrating points, she skillfully detects the shape of a square on the screen.

Six months of coughing and a debilitating fever was too much for Olivia Koburongo’s 86-year-old grandmother, whose body had been weakened by other age-related conditions. My grandmother, the 26-year old says, died of pneumonia that could not easily be diagnosed because of a lack of proper diagnostic equipment.

Doing good comes with great rewards.

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With over 7,000 islands situated in the tropics of the Pacific, the Philippines boast having some of the best beaches in the world.

Merry doesn’t sleep much at night. In spite of this, she’s usually up before the sun, and then driven to work along with 11 of her colleagues.

For six years, a married homeless couple were separated and forced to live apart in Delhi, India.

The waters off the coast of Madagascar used to teem with life.

Through his organisation Lire c’est partir, the ‘low-cost’ publisher Vincent Safrat is selling children’s books to disadvantaged families for 80 cents each, and in doing so, is revolutionising the French publishing market.

Indonesian farmer Kasnan Wonidin thought his life was over when he began losing his eyesight to cataracts last year.

Sisters Morgan and Caitria O'Neill never expected a tornado would hit their small hometown in Massachusetts — or that when it did, recovering from the disaster would change their lives.

Little Michel Koutouan’s parents are praising him for his grades in school which have been on a steady incline recently. From a 5 out of 10 (50%) average, his marks have risen to a GPA (grade point average) of 7 (70%).

Qatar's neighbors issue steep list of demands to end crisis

In a major blow to Brazil, the United States on Thursday announced the immediate suspension of all imports of beef products from Latin America's largest nation because of safety concerns.