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Mayor to gov't workers: Serve the public or get out

117th Civil Service Commission Month

CEBU, Philippines — Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Remollo this week reminded employees of the City Hall and of other government agencies that being in government is a privilege to serve, and those who do not have the heart to serve should resign from the service and go to the private sector instead.

Remollo issued the statement as the Dumaguete City government unit joins the 117th Civil Service Commission month celebration with activities lined up for the whole month that will culminate on September 29.

The mayor first wanted to stop the promotion of employees due to their being “sip-sip” (lackey) or close friends with certain officials. The key to promotion should be hard work and good performance to the assigned job, said the mayor.

Remollo said that, under his administration, reforms have been instituted to professionalize government service, one of which is addressing the mismatch between the job description and the set skills of every employee, so that the latter will have dignity of work.

Another is the implementation of the dress code, such as wearing of barong during a designated work day in a week. Then he also started filling up positions left vacant due to retirement or resignation. This gives opportunity to rank and file workers to be promoted to the next position, said Remollo.

Further, the city government had started to computerize the release of salaries through the ATM. Remollo said he negotiated with certain banks for the buying out of debts incurred by City Hall employees. He also signed a memorandum of agreement with the Social Security System for the enrolment of job order and casual employees, among others.

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Councilor Lilani Ramon, chair of the committee on personnel and who sits in the personnel selection board said that the only thing the Remollo administration can promise is to stop the bad tradition of running after employees who are not supportive of the sitting mayor, to stop the bad tradition of implementing mass lay-offs of job order employees who are identified with the other political camp. (FREEMAN)

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