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Pilipino Star NGAYON is an offshoot of the pre-martial law era. A wholesome tabloid in Filipino that came to be noted for its commitment to responsible journalism for the mass-based readership.

Pilipino Star NGAYON's image, as a staunch and unwavering critic against the excesses of the Marcos regime, did not last long after martial law was declared. When democracy was restored following the 1986 EDSA Revolution, Pilipino Star NGAYON resurfaced and pioneered the publication of a full-color tabloid sized Filipino newspaper for BCD readers throughout the country.

Pilipino Star NGAYON has been reinvented as a tabloid for the current generation, thus, the slogan "Diyaryong Intelihente ng Masang Intelihente!"

  • Miguel G. Belmonte
  • Al Pedroche
    Editor in Chief
  • Lucien C. DyTioco
    Executive Vice President
  • Fernando R. Lopez
  • Angie S. Isidro
    Finance Head
  • Carlito P. Sala
    Circulation Manager
  • Jacinto G. Aluad Jr.
    Advertising Manager