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As Bulacan celebrated its 439th anniversary, the provincial police counted 21 drug suspects killed in various operations in just 12 hours from Monday night until 7 a.m. yesterday.


The rebels came in several groups, simultaneously to attack the scattered American positions. Some were in female attire.

Impeachment is in the air, except there are several officials reportedly being considered for ouster, so lawmakers seem to be confused about which case should be given priority.

Crimes are usually committed in a place where no one else can see what is happening and who is committing it so as to ensure execution and possibly avoid arrest and prosecution.

These developments manifest the FDA has a direct relevance to the daily lives of ordinary Filipinos.

Given that the Philippines has never had a real case of “Bird Flu” until last week (or April of this year as suspected by the Department of Agriculture) it is amazing how so many experts have popped up over night by virtue of a radio or TV interview.