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A yummy and dark experience

Marriott Cebu general manager Patrick Carroll (third from left) is joined by Joe Fijardo, Lyle Cajayon, Frances Alfafara and Sheryl Calda

Studies  show that  the sense of sight provides approximately 80 percent of all the information we receive and process about the world, and removal or restriction of the sense of sight will heighten all other senses — hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Taking a cue from its successful collaboration with the  Eye Society Inc. Cebu City Marriott Hotel led by manager Patrick Carroll, invited members of Club Marriott to temporarily  suspend judgment and table manners for a unique, highly sensorial dining experience called “Dinner in the Dark.”

This concept  dates back to the 18th century when charitable foundations organized them in France and Switzerland to promote awareness about blindness.




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As guests were ushered into the dimly lit ballroom, facilitators from the hotel’s sales and marketing department served as their eyes and dining instructors as they made their way through the aromas, flavors and textures of the exquisite meal blindfolded.

Invitees  were made to discover a renewed appreciation of the senses while enjoying an expertly curated four-course dinner crafted by Thai executive chef Chachpol Suaisom.  The experience  began with an appetizer of  grilled pork with marinated sweet lemongrass green mango salad , followed by a comforting cup of roasted tomato soup with thyme and cheese powder.  For the main course,  flavors of a roasted herb crust salmon with lemon pea mash, roasted onion and saffron cream sauce were served.  For dessert, a chocolate orange cheesecake with tropical fruit salad provided the sweet and tangy. 

Towards the end of the dining experience, guests  were all in awe as photos of the dishes  were revealed onscreen. Undoubtedly, dining in the dark affords a novelty culinary  experience that enhances a far greater appreciation of lives led permanently in the dark, while enjoying a delicious meal

 Providing the entertainment for the evening was Ando Ilao, a talented musician who lost his sense of sight.  He is a living testimony that even without your eyesight, you can still pursue and develop your other passions.

As a wonderful surprise for all the loyal Club Marriott members, Suaisom took off his toque, picked up his guitar and struck a few chords with singer Andro Ilao to cap a truly eye-opening affair.


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