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4 alleged carjackers nabbed in Tondo

MANILA, Philippines — Police have arrested four suspected carjackers victimizing Uber and Grab drivers in Tondo, Manila.

Nabbed were Jhon Lester Crispe, Wilfredo Alejandro, Russel Jimenez and Arvin Alejandro.

Senior Inspector Fernildo de Castro,  chief of the Manila Police District anti-car theft section, said the suspects were apprehended along Abad Santos street following the complaint of Grab driver Victor Calacar on Saturday.

Calacar identified the suspects as the ones who pointed a gun at him and stole his cash and valuables in Paco on Nov. 14. 

The victim said the suspects dumped him in Pandacan and fled with his Toyota Vios.

Michael Panaligan, an Uber driver, said the suspects stole his car at gunpoint in Pandacan on Oct. 18.

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The suspects are being held by police on car theft charges.

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