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With the first-ever Bench Design Awards. Ben Chan puts the spotlight on young local design talents and gives them the chance to compete on the global stage.

Latest Young Star News

Make space in your closet — and earn money while you’re at it — with this new app.

This unconventional beauty contest takes its cues from... math?

In these trying times, anger is the only weapon against tyranny.

Everyone’s favorite local vampire continues to search for the ‘happily’ in an ever after that never ends.

Gen Z has arrived. Here are the freshest new kids on the block.

After several years on hiatus, one of the best comics of the last decade comes back with a TV show, too.

H&M slays the Philippines with a budget-friendly beauty line.

How to make the most out of 8Cuts Burgers’ P88 birthday menu.

Photographer Xyza Bacani’s work shines a light on migrant workers and their hardship, hope and redemption.

This year’s Marvel Creative Day Out will make our fave universe and characters come to life through fashion and art, and it needs your help.

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