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We took the new Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Selfie around Bangkok, and it did not disappoint.

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I was walking along the busy alleyways of Shibuya while trying to locate the relatively cheap conveyor belt sushi restaurant I visited the last time I was in Tokyo when I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

In approaching the concept of time, no one addresses the abstraction with as much inventiveness and imagination as the house Hermès.

Many cities like to boast about being cosmopolitan, but Turkey’s kaleidoscopic culture goes way back in history.

Visual artist Jem Magbanua explores the art of landscapes and places, and how they interact with (human) nature.

The 10-year restoration project is meant to undo harmful interventions, and preserve the art.

In the physical world, ‘Stranger Things’ is a supernatural thriller. But it’s also a mood, a specific feeling tucked away in the recesses of our forgotten adolescence: that vague wonder and danger that is more supernatural than real.

‘It is very real. And for some, it may hit too close to home. This is for everyone who fell in love hard, fought for the relationship, and made it work.’

‘Doorkeeper’ was conceptualized in between college classes, stemming from a conversation about the Butterfly Effect — the idea that big consequences derive from seemingly small and mundane choices.

We rarely spend time doing absolutely nothing, and maybe we’ve also lost the ability to be inspired with nothing else but our own thoughts.

’The truth is biased, in that it only takes one side. If it’s raining outside, you say it’s raining outside. And if someone says it isn’t, it’s still very clear that there is a truth out there.’

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