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‘I made a vow to her that I would love her, care for her and protect her, and I will live with her till death do us part,’ says JPE of his wife Cristina.

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You are what you eat and do.

How do I wear high-waist jeans?

There is this legend that the Rolex Daytona, now one of the most sought-after Rolexes in history, was originally a piece that they couldn’t get off the shelves — until actor and motorsports enthusiast Paul Newman wore it on the cover of an Italian magazine.

The first store of the designer who’s been called “the chicest woman alive” is finally in Manila. 

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian might not like each other, but they all agree: blonde is big this 2017.

Celebrity hairstylists Lourd Ramos and Henri Calayag believe that a good hairstyle will make one stand out in the many parties ahead this holiday season.

The Philippines' first "Asia's Next Top Model" grand winner and 'it' Girl Maureen Wroblewitz holds her first fashion and beauty shoot in the Big Apple. 

Pierre Bergé & YSL, Giammetti & Valentino, Richard Tann & Inno Sotto were great partnerships in fashion

I noticed my hair is always limp. What’s an easy way to give volume to hair? I have no time to blow dry.

Fast-fashion emporium H&M is now offering “fashion for your face,” as H&M Beauty will be rolled out at the flagship SM Mega Fashion Hall branch on Sept. 15, followed by six more branches nationwide.

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