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The Da Vinci painting has had a long odyssey. It reappeared in the early 20th century, by then heavily overpainted and attributed not to Leonardo but an unknown imitator. In 1958, the painting was sold at auction for £45 (then about $200)!

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Had Jose Rizal’s marriage to Boustead succeeded, Rizal would have become a practicing ophthalmologist in Paris and, eventfully, a Frenchman. This would have dramatically changed the  course of Philippine history.

The border between good and evil is terribly… let me recall the exact word… “frizzy.”

It has taken many art fairs and biennales to say that the international art market has its eye on the East.

For Loving Vincent, an animated retelling of artist Vincent Van Gogh’s final days in Auvers-sur-Oise, France (distributed here by Solar Entertainment), we are told some 123 artists hand-painted 62,000 movie frames to simulate the Dutch painter’s world and masterpieces.

The recent theatrical screening of the animation film Loving Vincent brought me all the way back to the early 1960s when as a teenager I consumed fast hours devouring paperbacks purchased either from Alemar’s on Avenida Rizal or the stand-alone book stalls spread around the area.

This ASEAN week and next, I’m sharing excerpts from a short paper I presented at a conference on ASEAN Leadership Amid a New World Order that took place last Nov. 8 at the Shangri-La Makati, under the auspices of the Stratbase ADR Institute and the Asia Society.

Not one to drop opaque academic references, Federico de Vera curates from a sincere belief in beauty, guided by the criterion that the objects he displays must ‘have absolutely nothing wrong with them.’

I edit a lot of books and manuscripts in the course of my work as a professional writer, mostly for institutions like banks, NGOs, government agencies, airlines, and even accounting firms.

Of late, health concerns have been hurling perplexing challenges to my abiding faith in immortality, er, okay, longevity, causing prolonged absence from a few loops: social, millennial, and vintage.

More than 20 art professionals from 13 countries from Asia Pacific and Beyond are coming to Manila for the Asia Society Arts & Museum Summit.

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