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Filipina launches children’s book to help prepare kids for a younger sibling’s birth

Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag, author of "Mommy Loves You Just the Same."

If you are a parent and are expecting another child, you may be wondering how to help prepare your older child for the arrival of his or her younger sibling. As parents of four kids, my husband and I had to think of ways to make each child’s birth special, especially for our older kids. Reading books together was one thing we did before every younger child’s birth, because it made for special bonding time with the kids, and also helped them see what being an older sibling is like.

That’s why I was thrilled to learn that one of the moms in our homeschooling circle, local author Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag, would be publishing her first children's book in e-book format. Teresa is a woman I admire for being a hands-on mom juggling many responsibilities. Her children’s book, titled Mommy Loves You Just the Same, was launched last May. Here is some information about it – who knows, the book might be helpful to you or someone you know!

The story behind the book

Teresa wrote the book while she was pregnant with her third child to help inspire moms to breastfeed continuously – and tandem feed if needed -- and to involve the older kids in caring for their younger sibling.

“I decided to write this book because I needed something that I can use to assure my older children that my love for them remains the same even with a new baby on the way,” she shares. “I wanted to tell them often that I love them just the same. So, I wrote a poem with the title Mommy Loves You Just the Same. Then, I edited it to become a book.”

Teresa with her three sons.

Despite being busy with work and household duties, Teresa said she didn't have any challenges writing the book. “I was so inspired by the actions of my two older children,” she discloses. “They were very helpful and loving to me while I was pregnant. They were also excited to see their baby brother.”

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A book to help other families

Teresa wrote Mommy Loves You Just the Same with other parents in mind. “I hope to help growing families through this book,” she says. “I hope to help kids prepare to be older siblings with as little stress as possible.”

She says she also wants to give children ideas on how they can show their love for their mom and younger sibling. “Lastly, I hope to help parents, moms especially, by providing them with an effective tool that they can use to prepare their older children in their role of big brother or sister,” she adds.

How to use the book

Teresa advises parents on how to use her book: “I suggest that moms read this book regularly – daily if possible, during their pregnancy and afterwards – to their older children to give them the much-needed assurance at the time.

“Children can have mixed emotions when they find out that there will be a new baby in the family. Older siblings need time and a supportive environment to be able to adjust to their new normal. They also need special attention and a lot of understanding during this transition period. Mommy Loves You Just the Same was designed to communicate to these children that they are still valued and loved even with a new baby at home.”

If you’re interested in getting a copy of Mommy Loves You Just the Same, please visit Teresa’s website:

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