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A recipe for comfort

Locavore chef Mikel Zaguirre (left) and his staff wear the new Crocs at Work collection. MIKE REBUYAS 

MANILA, Philippines — Looking at a chef’s beautifully plated dish, not to mention his attention to detail and flawless white uniform, non-kitchen people usually picture his job as an undemanding walk in the park—a park that smells of gastronomic creations.

Truth is, behind the glass walls, there are days when the floor gets wet, oily and uneven inside the very hot kitchen. Thus, the Crocs at Work collection is created. 

“(It is) geared towards giving a functional solution for workers in the food and beverage and hospitality industries, who are required to wear slip-resistant footwear,” says Crocs Philippines President Mark Christian Chan.

On wearing a pair from the collection, Locavore chef Mikel Zaguirre shares, “It’s great whenever you don’t have to worry about oil, sauce or water splashes, or falling kitchen small wares that would accidentally fall on our feet.” He adds that Crocs’ price is very affordable for the quality it brings, making him an avid follower of the brand since 2007.

Chefs consistently state that comfort is the most important aspect for them. They value durability greatly since the shoes will have to put up with the wear and tear from spills, hot food and grease on a daily basis. The non-slip footwear is essential for most chefs as they are a workplace requirement.

Four of the seven styles under the Crocs at Work collection. CROCS/Released

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“All Crocs shoes feature Croslite material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant qualities that Crocs fans know and love. The footbed is contoured for all-day comfort and some designs have side vents for better air circulation,” says Chan.

Available in over 40 stores nationwide, the Crocs at Work line has seven styles, three (Mercy, Neria and Alice) of which are specifically designed for women.

“There are many designs and colors to suit each and everyone’s personality,” beams Zaguirre. “And I think what’s not available in other professional clogs is Crocs’ flexibility. You don’t only use Crocs for work, but also for leisure and lifestyle purposes,” he concludes.

About Locavore

Locally grown, locally produced and locally made—these are what the new Filipino restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig wants to champion.

According to its official website, the restaurant is named after an actual term that describes a diner who consciously eats food that is grown, raised or produced locally. Food for locavores should not have traveled too long a distance, and this is why the terms “farm to table” and “sustainable” are also intertwined with this word. Consuming local also means supporting local, which is a great aspect of this type of lifestyle.

For their food, Locavore is proud that it supports local farmers, while their drinks boast of locally brewed beers. Their signature cocktails also infuse local fruits and ingredients like calamansi, Bukidnon pineapple, Batangas dalandan and labuyo.

For pulutan, there’s Oyster Sisig, fried crusted fresh oysters with a creamy chicken liver sauce. They offer five kinds of kinilaw, too, perfect for matching your local brews with. Try their kilawin sampler, from which you can choose three from Tortang Talaba, Kalibo Oyster, Tanigue, Fresh River Shrimp and Tuna.

For sandwiches, they take Filipino favorites and place them in buns. Liempo buns come with pickled organic cucumber and onions, and a side of organic cabbage slaw and gabi chips with garlic confit. The Boracay staple Chori burger finds its way to Manila in their menu, made extra indulgent with an egg on top of the patty.

For a heartier, meatier fare, check out their mains. There’s Dinuguan na Lechon with garlic confit, a five-hour braised Boneless Lechon Belly and a twist to a soupy favorite, Sizzling Sinigang na Shortribs.

Locavore Kitchen x Drinks is located at Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City and Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Taguig City.

Crocs are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Walk EZ Retail Corp and available in 47 concept stores, two outlet stores and 16 major department stores nationwide. For inquiries, follow Crocs on Facebook and crocsph on Instagram and Twitter.

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