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How to get that perfect, shaped eyebrow

Dear Lucy,

My eyebrows are thick and bushy, but I can’t seem to achieve that perfect, strong brow. Any tips on how to do it?

And what kikay gift can I give someone who already has everything and can buy anything?                     


Once upon a time (and I was well into adulthood already by then!), my hairdresser asked if she could fix my eyebrows. What is wrong with my eyebrows, I asked. They were naturally thick, but I did not know they could be shaped; all I knew then was that thin eyebrows could be filled in, but I was under the impression that ample brows just had to be left alone, as long as they did not meet in the middle like a unibrow.

She said my eyebrows needed shaping, and that they would frame my eyes more if I showed her to do just that. And so I had them threaded and trimmed, and I have not looked back since. Like getting a trim, or a mani-ped, grooming eyebrows is a beauty basic you cannot overlook. I wish I had taken before and after photos, just to illustrate my point better, but really, one must not take this step for granted. It is a small step, yes, but the impact can be subtly remarkable. 

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That said, do not make yourself your own guinea pig. Surrender yourself to the hands of an expert. For years, my go-to girl has been Novie of Hairworks Salon. If your eyebrows are bushy already, all you have to do is make an expert do the shaping (and maintenance!). Thus, daily, all you have to do is brush it in place. I use clear mascara to keep it in place the whole day. 

Regarding choosing a gift, find something beautiful. Never be under the impression that someone is beyond pleasing just because she already has everything and/or can afford to buy anything. Many gifts delight, beautiful ones, where the pleasure comes from how gorgeously it is packaged alongside how well the product works. Some examples would include a bottle of perfume from brands like Aerin (packaging is gorgeous!), or Penhaligon’s, or Jo Malone, Creed. Everything about these brands have been created for maximum sensory pleasure. They will not disappoint.                                                              


* * *

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