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Criselda is timeless, elegant & feminine

Criselda Lontok’s floral and bright-colored clothes in free-flowing styles are perfect for all figure types.  

Criselda Lontok is the perfect model for her clothing line that’s always beautiful, elegant and feminine.  The ready-to-wear collection has been a top seller in Rustan’s for many decades and  continues to be a favorite choice year after year because of  her classy taste. One can be sure that the apparel will withstand the test of time and may be worn for many years to come. 

Numerous well-dressed ladies attended her recent fashion show held on the second level of Rustan’s Makati that featured a sparkling Baccarat chandelier in the middle of the display area. Yet it had a very intimate feel because the majority of the women have been amigas for almost forever and mothers brought their daughters along to show that classic garments should be fashion staples in any well-dressed woman’s closet.

Criselda herself annotated the show, explaining each group of clothing as the pretty models walked through  the display area. “My inspiration is derived from nature as a whole — the flowers, the sea and the fresh air that we breathe. These are shown in the use of ruffles, lantern sleeves and floral patterns with lace, organzas, brocades and jersey fabrics. The pieces flounce and flow like a beautiful peacock. Vibrant colors in warm hues of reds, orange and yellow to the cool hues of greens, blues and purples are predominant in my summer collection this year.”

I noticed that the pants had comfortable garter waists so as not to tug in the wrong body areas. A-line dresses and dust coats with flattering lantern sleeves came in various lengths to accentuate the positive and cover areas that no longer are as firm or taut.

Criselda makes sure that her prices are affordable for the fashionable woman who wants to be appropriately dressed. A number of her designs stood out for their versatility because the same outfit can be worn from brunch to an important meeting, to cocktail hour and up to a special dinner date.


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