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Bulgari’s B.zero1 Design Legend combines tradition and modernity

Luxemaster Mario Katigbak with Agnes Roscigno and Ambassador Massimo Roscigno

Beautifully made jewelry speaks for itself and that is exactly what one notices with Bulgari’s latest style  for the newest B.zero1 Design Legend.  Universally appealing and easily recognizable, the original B.zero1 line was  conceptualized in 1999 by legendary architect and visionary Dame Zaha Hadid with the Roman Colosseum as her inspiration.  Combining tradition and modernity, jewelry lovers were instantly drawn to the glamorously powerful strong lines and bold proportions.

Since then, this iconic design has been reinterpreted over the years by using new colors and materials, innovating within the strength of the original design, but always retaining high standards with the trademark logo of Bulgari inscribed prominently, something that was unusual since most trademarks were typically hidden discreetly and engraved inside precious ornaments.





During the latest launch of  the B.zero1 Design Legend line, guests were  invited by luxemaster Mario Katigbak to Bulgari’s beautiful  Greenbelt, Makati boutique as  he presented four new creations: the bold four-band ring in pink gold, a thinner three-band version in white or pink gold and an edgy pendant in pink gold. I noticed that not only the women, but the men were drawn to the various jewelry pieces because of the radical yet delicate style that will definitely last forever.

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