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How Clarins will save you from summer’s skin sins

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Ah, summer. Nothing compares to the fun of frolicking under the sun, by the sand and sea — that is, until you have to face the natural consequences of a weekend of unprotected abandon: freckles, sun spots and darker skin. Up until now, skin brightening technologies have been all about plainly blocking the rays or bleaching the dark spots. Clarins has come up with a breakthrough Mela Exo system using its exclusive acerola extract that actually goes down to the molecular responses of our skin to stop them from producing more melanin while lightening existing dark skin and spots.

How do we get dark skin and spots?
For the first time, Clarins Research has identified the three stages of dark spot formation due to melanin overproduction. Each dark spot follows three successive stages according to the content of melanin transferred by the melanocyte to the surrounding keratinocytes.

Stage 1: Under normal conditions, there is a regular production of melanin by the melanocyte, which is transferred to the keratinocyte. This medium level of melanin pigments in the epidermis is responsible for natural even skin tone, which can then be affected by UV exposure and lead to future dark spots.

Stage 2: Under UV exposure, melanogenesis is enhanced by both the direct hyperactivity of the melanocyte and exosomes. This leads to an increase of melanin content in the keratinocyte, but not enough to be visible at the skin surface. These are what we call dark spots in progress.

Stage 3: Over time or due to more intense UV exposure, the quantity of melanin accumulated in the keratinocytes reaches the level required to make the dark spot visible at the skin surface. These are stubborn dark spots.

A breakthrough for clarins

For the first time, Clarins Research has identified the ability of the acerola fruit extract to regulate the Mela Exo system by inhibiting the message contained within exosomes, which trigger an overproduction of melanin. The power of acerola fruit extract on melanin overproduction is very strong, decreasing melanin overproduction by -24.5 percent so it effectively counterbalances the exosomes’ impact on melanin synthesis, stopping dark spots even before they can begin.

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What the science means for your skin

The acerola extract in their Melo Exo system changes the way our skin reacts and responds to sun exposure. For the first time, the way our skin’s exosomes communicate to each other is addressed, thus preventing an overproduction of melanin in the first place. Our skin’s response and reactions to sun exposure change, thus preventing future damage while also treating existing spots and those already under the skin but still not visible to the naked eye. The Clarins Whitening Range is the most comprehensive and advanced approach for skin brightening and whitening yet.

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The Clarins Whitening Range  is exclusively available at Rustan’s.

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