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Former drug dependent Dinky Doo Jr. wages war against drugs

 Comedian-director Dinky Doo Jr. Philstar.com/Maridol Ranoa-Bismark
MANILA, Philippines — Comedian-director Dinky Doo Jr. is not ashamed to admit he used to be a drug dependent. He was so hooked on the vice, he almost lost his life because of it. He even became bedridden.

Tha i’s why his advocacy film "Durugin ang Droga (DAD)" is Dinky’s way of saying thank you for a new lease in life.

“I realized that I have a chance to give back, especially to young people hooked on drugs,” he says.

Dinky visited drug addicts and realized that physical rehabilitation is not enough.

“Spiritual help is more important (in rehabilitating a drug addict),” he observes. “I brought a Bible as I went to different rehabilitation centers.”

He took a step further by expressing his views in a medium he knows well: film.

"Durugin ang Droga" (now showing in theaters nationwide) depicts how a group of well-to-do students led by L.A. Santos’s character ruin themselves for various reasons.L.A.’s problem is a dysfunctional family whose head (Allen Dizon) and second-in-command (Jackie Aquino as the mom) are so troubled, they are poor role models for their son and daughter. It is a miracle the daughter was able to escape from the clutches of illegal drugs.

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But the presence of narco politicians douses fire into this one bright flame. One sin leads to another until you do not know if there is any hope left. One of these sins involves lust and leads to a surprise twist toward the end of the movie.

Allen is convincing as the wayward father whose weakness is his so-called friends from way back. L.A., who makes his debut as a film actor, could use more depth of emotion as a troubled student and eldest son. The guy is still a newbie in the acting world. Music is his comfort zone, so let us give him a chance.

On a brighter note, Dinky has received invites to show "Durugin ang Droga" in schools nationwide a few months before the movie hits local screens. It will also be shown in parts of Europe and the US.

Illegal drugs and its destructive effects, after all, is not just a concern of President Rodrigo Duterte, however controversial it has turned out to be. It is also a concern of parents, teachers, students and government officials all over the world.

The movie, therefore, is not just a reformed drug addict’s movie. It is also a movie for those who care for the young generation’s future.

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