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What did Vilma advise Luis, Jessy?

Vilma Santos has advised son Luis Manzano and the lady he's courting Jessy Mendiola to take it easy with their bashers. 

MANILA, Philippines - Batangas Rep. Vilma Santos has advised her son Luis Manzano and the girl he's courting Jessy Mendiola not to mind the bashers.

It was last week when Vilma had a dinner with Luis and Jessy.

"What I told them na, 'be calm, relax lang kayo. 'Wag patol nang patol,'" she said, in an interview with Mario Dumaual aired in "TV Patrol" on Friday.

She also defended her son for being linked to ladies considered as the sexiest women in the Philippines.

"[Siguro] mabuting tao ang anak ko kaya minamahal siya," she said about her son.

Meanwhile, she assured Luis's ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin that they'll remain friends despite the breakup.

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