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Jessy has nothing to do with Luis-Angel break-up

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola are becoming ‘closer and closer to each other,’ much to the discomfort of Luis’ ex-girlfriend Angel Locsin (left)

“Even my family knows the reason why we broke up and Jessy was never in it.”

With that one sentence, delivered direct to the point, Luis Manzano has set the record straight about his break-up with Angel Locsin.

Asked to elaborate, Luis begged off.

Angel was quoted as saying, “Kung anong sinabi niya. Lagi namang ganoon eh. Kung anong sinabi niya, eh, di ‘yun na ‘yun. Kayo? Ano sa tingin n‘yo?”

That’s what Angel said when movie writers asked for her reaction to Luis’ statement that his break-up with Angel did not involve a third party.

Angel’s words were loaded, weren’t they? She seemed to insinuate that there was indeed a “third party” identified in unverified/unconfirmed reports as Jessy Mendiola.

“How can that be when Luis and Angel broke up last January pa?” said somebody close to Luis in his defense. “Jessy came into the picture only lately. Ayaw kong isipin na ginagamit ni Angel si Luis sa promo ng kanyang (Angel’s) coming movie, (Star Cinema’s) Third Party.”

It was Luis and Angel’s second break-up; the first was a few years ago. Luis was then linked to Jennylyn Mercado and Angel to Azkal Phil Younghusband. When they split up with their new short-lived loves, Luis and Angel got back together again.

By the way, Luis must be the envy of other guys because all three girls linked to him have been honored by FHM magazine as Sexiest Women.

A few issues back, Funfare put out the “breaking news” that Luis and Jessy were “an item,” accompanied by a picture of them together inside a car posted on Jessy’s Instagram. As expected, Luis denied it…only for him and Jessy to admit that, yes, they have been dating since three weeks ago…”exclusively dating” (the new showbiz alibi, replacing “just friends”).

As I was saying, Jessy must be looking up to Luis as her “knight in shining armor” after he came to her rescue on that controversial plane ride to London when a young actor/Kapamilya colleague made a drunken pass at Jessy.

Did Jessy really say (half in jest, half in truth) in the recent presscon announcing her as FHM’s 2016 Sexiest Woman that Luis is a “husband material”? (I wonder how JM de Guzman, Jessy’s first serious boyfriend now in hibernation, feels about it.)

Jessy is a hot item these days. She is also rumored as the cause of the breakup of the marriage of Ian Veneracion and his wife Pam Gallardo, a wild yarn that spread two days before news about Jessy’s FHM victory was confirmed.

“Isn’t the timing suspicious?” a Funfare source close to Ian and Pam said. “Whoever or whatever group concocted that story is out of its mind, baliw! Obviously, may galit kay Jessy ang gumawa n’un. When Ian and Pam heard about it, natawa lang sila.”

When Luis heard that rumor, he said, “Not true,” hinting that Jessy is not the type who would wreck a marriage.

Meanwhile, Angel is still trying hard (as she herself admitted to the media) to move on. Food for thought (from someone who has been there, done that): To forget somebody special, find somebody more special.

(Note: Angel Locsin didn’t return calls for her side of the story. Space is reserved for her anytime she’s ready.)

* * *

Why Annabelle cried at yesterday’s presscon

Annabelle Rama in a rare ‘crying’ scene – Photo by VER PAULINO

The movie press has gotten used to Annabelle Rama’s “fighting” stance during a presscon, especially when she’s talking about her extended feud with daughter Ruffa Gutierrez who is in love with a foreigner not to Annabelle’s liking.

But at yesterday’s presscon at Marco Polo Hotel for Season 4 of the family show It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez (ITGTBAG, on E! Channel), Annabelle surprised the media by breaking down (her body shaking with uncontrollable sobs) when she revealed that, hold your breath, “Ruffa died for five minutes,” saved by brother Richard who rushed her to a nearby hospital. It happened only a few days ago.

Annabelle was about to elaborate when husband Eddie Gutierrez, tapping Annabelle’s shoulder, stopped her lest Annabelle violate the contract.

Nadulas lang si Annabelle. Everything will be revealed on the show (which returns on Monday, July 25),” said Eddie.

Asked if it’s true that she has given Ruffa a go-signal on her love life, Annabelle recovered herself and exclaimed, “It’s a lie!!!”

That’s all Funfare could reveal so far.

Showbiz trivia

Fray Heston today 
  • From my friend Robin Tong (a bookworm like me):

Did you know that in The Ten Commandments the Baby Moses in the basket was portrayed by Fraser “Fray” Clark Heston, the newborn son of Charlton Heston who played Moses, as decreed by the producer, Cecil B. DeMille?

During the shoot, child welfare was observed so the baby, three months old at the time, could work under the klieg lights for only one hour any given day, with no “take” longer than 45 seconds.

Fray temporarily “retired” after The Ten Commandments and his salary went to the purchase of Paramount stocks “and has multiplied like the children of Israel.” Years later, he would become a film director, producer and screenwriter.

Secret of Heston’s success? His permanently broken nose! While playing football in high school, he landed nose first on someone’s knee. People have noticed the uncanny resemblance of Heston’s to Michelangelo’s Moses sculpture particularly the nose which was startling. It must have stuck in DeMille’s mind.

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