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Luis keeps his sunny side up

Luis Manzano is tapped to host Family Feud, the latest game show on ABS-CBN that is set to premiere on April 9.

MANILA, Philippines – Despite his breakup with Angel Locsin months ago, Luis Manzano still has the same sunny disposition when the entertainment press recently caught up with him after the grand presscon for the latest ABS-CBN game show Family Feud that he will be hosting on weekends beginning April 9.

That’s why some quarters can’t help but surmise that his split-up with Angel for the second time didn’t affect him at all. There were even some who deliberately resorted to bashing the actor-host on social media.

Obviously puzzled by the negative reaction, Luis quipped, “Is there a requirement to show that one is affected? Kelangan ba nakikita sa ASAP (the Kapamilya Sunday afternoon show) na hindi ako makasalita? O yung nangingilid ang luha, na sa sobrang lungkot ko pataas na yung luha ko? O yung nag-wa-walling ako ng pataas? People looking for good will always find good and people looking for negativity will always find negativity.”

Luis added that he and Angel are friends. “At this point we’re friends, I don‘t want to add color basta magkaibigan kami. Let’s leave it at that.”

But looking back at what happened to his love affair with Angel, Luis admitted that he has learned to live life.

“Life is too short not to be lived and I think that what’s happened with every relationship. ’Yung iniisip ng tao na dapat malungkot ka, hindi eh, mahal ko ang buhay ko. Do I have to crawl when I go to work? No, you have to learn to live life.”

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No wonder, Luis is once again tapped to host a game show where he will be interacting with people of varied personalities. Family Feud requires Luis to ooze with energy, wit and enthusiasm. His dad, Edu Manzano, also hosted the same game show in 2011 which was then aired on the rival network.

Asked who between them is the better host, Luis replied, “I will always concede that when it comes to hosting, I will forever bow down to my dad as a game show host. Even if I won an award, I would never imagine or feel that I am a better host than my dad. Anytime of the day, I will always say that my dad will always be the better host compared to myself.”

Nonetheless, Luis has more than proven his worth in the number of game shows he successfully handled.

“When Family Feud was offered to me, I got really excited because, for example, when I did Minute to Win It and Deal or No Deal parang the approach was very repetitive since there’s one particular formula for both shows. But in Family Feud, every answer is different so there’s always a new punchline waiting; mas madaling mangulit. Kumbaga, every answer is a new punchline for me. Do I need to change my personality? I don’t think so because I believe there is something in my personality working (to my advantage).”

Hosting, Luis admitted, has taught him to listen more which is something he never thought is also an important part of being a host when he was just starting in the biz.

“Hosting is not just about talking, real hosting is about listening; it’s about feeling kung ano ang sagot ng kinakausap mo. Siguro yun ang kulang ko when I started from MYX na salita lang ako ng salita at okey na basta masabi mo ang spiels mo. But afterwards you will realize that hosting is about listening, so you have to learn and it’s a long process.

“I’m still learning and I still have a long way to go. I have observed that when you are a host, your world is becoming bigger because you get to interact with lots of people. For me, dun nabago ang personality ko na to be more considerate and to listen more.”

Not once, Luis shared, did his dad and mom Vilma Santos, give tips on hosting and acting.

“I’m very happy that they both trust me in whatever I do, especially in hosting. Oo nga ano bakit nga kaya wala? Baka wala silang pakialam? (laughs). I know if I go out of line, for sure pagsasabihan nila ko. And I’m very fortunate na alam nila kahit papano na kung anuman yung narating ko as a host, I did it through hard work and through the people behind the cameras.”

Does he watch himself on TV?

“No. Ever since naiilang ako kasi baka ma-in love ako sa sarili ko (laughs). Seriously, even in photo shoots or commercials, the directors would ask me to check on the previews but I always tell them I don’t wanna see anymore. Hindi talaga because up to now, based on how I look, I still don’t believe that I’m doing what I’m doing. That’s why I know that I am not fit for mall shows. Let’s leave that thing to Piolo (Pascual) na titilian talaga ng tao. Me, I am more comfortable talking to people which I would rather do any day of the week.”

(Family Feud, premiering on April 9, airs Saturdays after SOCO and Sundays after Kapamilya Blockbusters.)

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