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‘Unbreakable’ New Year resolutions

Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos

Are New Year resolutions really made to be broken?

It depends on who’s making the resolution whether to stick to it or to break it.

So New Year in and New Year out, we make resolutions. It has become a habit, a tradition that must be observed whether we like it or not.

What resolutions are the celebs making for the Year of the Monkey (that starts during the Chinese New Year on Feb. 8, a Leap Year)?

• VILMA SANTOS: To give attention to my health. Not getting any younger, you know.

• CHARO SANTOS-CONCIO: I want to spend more time with my family and friends. Travel more and see the world. Learn something new and reinvent myself. And stay healthy!

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• RICHARD GOMEZ: 2015 was a fantastic year for me, personally and career-wise. I’m hoping and praying that 2016 will be much better and happier than the last. My New Year resolution is to be stronger, healthier and richer.

• SHARON CUNETA: My resolution is to live each day as if it were my last; appreciating every single moment, praising God for His blessings, especially for my family, and our good health and all the love we share.





• RICKY DAVAO: My yearly resolution is to lose weight! But I always fail! So my resolution this year is to succeed in losing weight! Not only for me to look better but to be healthy as well. Still believe in the cliché HEALTH IS WEALTH.

• SEN. GRACE POE: Instead of resolutions, I usually offer a prayer to mark the New Year. I draw inspiration from the Prayer of St. Francis which tells us that it is by being instruments of God and giving of ourselves to others that we will be blessed in return. I also recite the prayer of Reinhold Niebuhr for God to grant the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

At this juncture in my life, their words are especially relevant because they remind me that the things that are happening are not really about me. Difficulties are God’s way of challenging us to rise above ourselves. I have taken the challenge of serving our people and upholding their welfare. I pray for grace, courage and wisdom so I can be His instrument and hold true to His plan for the Filipino people.

• KORINA SANCHEZ: I’ve lived half my life on Earth. By this time, I’ve resolved to avoid compromising what makes me truly happy, peaceful and fulfilled. I want to consistently make a conscious effort to fight back for what’s right, to acknowledge what I feel, respect what I think and stand by who I am. These were mostly suppressed for a while. I’ve paid my dues. Enough. It’s time for me to acknowledge me.

• SEN. CHIZ ESCUDERO: To be happy in all that I do and to smile at everything however difficult the circumstances maybe. Life is too short to frown and be sad.

• MARK BAUTISTA: I want to read more books…and lessen my Internet usage, hehehe!!!

• RAFFY TULFO: My New Year resolution is to spend more time with my family and to cut down on going out at night with my barkadas. And siyempre with that, stop smoking and drinking na rin kahit social lang, hehehe!!!

• RUFFA GUTIERREZ: My New Year resolution is to be healthy and wealthy, and to give all the requirements for my new book and to visit exotic destinations I haven’t been to.

• ZSA ZSA PADILLA: To lessen the way I use and log on to social media. And to keep traveling more.

• ALI SOTTO: I will have a social life. It was pretty much work, home and the gym for me this past year. Traffic is to be blamed for the most part. The thought of being trapped in the car for hours on end has made me a recluse! Ayoko na! Mamamayagpag na ako sa taong ito.

• MARTIN DEL ROSARIO: To have a healthier lifestyle.

• ROCCO NACINO: Hmmmm…I haven’t thought about it but maybe maintain what I’m doing…save up…invest…be smart about money and continue making wise decisions.

• WALLY BAYOLA: Health awareness at ipagpatuloy ang pagbigay ng ngiti, saya at pag-asa. Bawal ang sad…Dapat happy at positive lang sa 2016.

• JESSICA SOHO: I want to have a better work-life balance. Try and enjoy life a little more while still continuing to do meaningful work.

• BEN CHAN: I would like to continue enjoying traveling and discovering new places that I’ve never been before. The experiences I’ve gained from my travels help me understand and appreciate more the Philippine culture. I would definitely continue our campaign and advocacy towards loving our own as we promote our banner message: LOVE LOCAL.

• ALMA MORENO: Wala po akong resolution para sa aking sarili. Instead, I’m praying to become a stronger person para malagpasan ko ang lahat ng pagsubok sa akin. Siempre, good health for my family, especially sa aking mga anak at paghahanda para din sa magiging laban ni Vandolph. And my wish for 2016 is peace for everyone and a more progressive country.

• LANI MERCADO: To work even more efficiently for my constituents in the City of Bacoor so we may continue to reap the fruits of our cityhood that need to trickle down to the people, especially those belonging to the marginalized sectors — the women, the youth, the persons with disability, the senior citizens, the victims of calamity, the jobless, the homeless, the poor.

And, of course, I also resolve to have a stronger relationship with God who will always be my source of strength. I resolve to be more prayerful and trusting in the Lord as I beseech Him for Truth and Justice to finally prevail, which will lead to the freedom of Sen. Bong.

In connection with that, also in my New Year resolutions is to be more resilient and persevering for my family so that we may surpass all trials.

(E-mail reactions at entphilstar@yahoo.com. You may also send your questions to askrickylo@gmail.com.)

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