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Capitol to send Sinulog contingent

CEBU, Philippines - The Cebu provincial government will join this year’s Sinulog with a float with an overarching concept of “stewardship.”

“We are the stewards of our history, and guardians of our culture and heritage,” said Cebu Provincial Tourism Officer Joselito “Boboi” Costas.

Costas said the theme of the Capitol’s float will center on the “intersection of culture, environment and heritage.”

Cebu’s endemic species, such as Hoya bicknellii, Cebu Flowerpecker, Kawasan Paper Kite (Idea leucone jumaloni), Cebu mistletoe and Cebu Cinnamon tree will bedeck the float.

The Kawasan Paper Kite is a rare butterfly found in Kawasan Falls in Badian and Nug-as forest in Alcoy; Flowerpecker (Dicaeum quadricolor) is a small passerine bird; Hoya bicknellii is a new Hoya species discovered in the Badian town by David Bicknell and said to be closely related to davidcummingii but differs in shape of flower and size; the Cebu Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cebuense) found in Tabunan forest and grows on limestone in 400–600- meter altitude dry forests; and Cebu mistletoe (Lepeostegeres cebuensis) is unique among currently known species in the genus by having peculiar ridges of orange-brown scales on the young leaves and internodes.

Aside from the endemic species, Costas said prominent Cebuano folklore like Maria Cacao, a diwata (fairy) or mountain goddess associated with Mount Lantoy in Argao, Cebu, will also be depicted in the theme.

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“Maria Cacao will represent the concept of mother earth. She is a prominent figure in our Cebuano folklore. She inhabits our forest and protects our trees and animals,” he said.

He said they will also feature “tambuleros” or the Drum and Bugle Corps of Cebu “to play tribute to ancient Cebuanos.”

Around P1 million will be set aside for the float, Costas said.

A dancing contingent composed of Capitol workers will be following the float. Governor Hilario Davide III and Vice Governor Agnes Magpale together with the province’s eco-warriors, tourism officers and town officials will also join the grand parade.

“We are targeting 200-300 participants from the province… not in the competition category but we will participate in honor of Señor Sto. Niño,” he said.

In last year’s Sinulog, the float centered on the province’s advocacy campaign dubbed as “Kalambuan sa Matag Sugbuanon,” which symbolizes the province’s and the Cebuanos’ efforts toward progress. It showcased its icon—two human forms, one blue and one yellow, holding hands.

The provincial government’s float had a theme related to Pope Francis and the unity of the Cebuanos during calamities in 2015.

In 2014, the Capitol’s float featured a simple nipa hut with a Sto. Niño at the window depicting  “Bangon Sugbo,” recovery efforts in northern Cebu after super typhoon Yolanda struck in November 2013. — /FPL (FREEMAN)

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