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Vegetable, root crops post higher Q2 yield

MANILA, Philippines -  The country’s major vegetable and root crops posted improved production for the second quarter of the year as favorable climatic condition for farming continued.

Among the country’s top vegetable and root crops are mongo, peanut, cabbage, eggplant, tomato, sweet potato, and cassava, Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data showed.

In its latest quarterly bulletin, the PSA said cassava production improved 3.5 percent to 817,090 metric tons (MT) from 789,830 MT in the same period last year.

According to the agency, there was a sustained demand for food, feeds, and industrial use in Isabela and Quirino, resulting to continuous technical, financial and marketing assistance from San Miguel Corp.

Northern Mindanao was the top producing region in the country, with more than 40 percent of the national cassava output during the period.

Production of sweet potato increased almost three percent to 158,820 MT from 154,310 MT amid bigger tubers due to sufficient soil moisture and favorable market price.

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Bicol region, the top sweet potato producing region during the quarter, constituted almost 50 percent of the aggregate.

Furthermore, eggplant production in the April to June period went up five percent to 99,490 MT compared to 94,730 MT in the same period last year.

The increase was attributed to proper cultural management in several areas and use of hybrid seeds distributed by local government units.

Tomato production in the second quarter also increased 5.8 percent to 72,190 MT from 68,200 MT in the same period last year given the additional areas planted and high yielding varieties sustaining demand.

Ilocos region recorded the biggest production with 28 percent share of the total output for the period.

Cabbage production was slightly higher at 3.6 percent from 22,360 MT to 23,160 MT following increased plantings in northern provinces due to adequate water supply.

Mongo production also inched up 5.7 percent to 23,390 MT from 22,140 MT in 2016 due to an increase in areas planted and better quality of seeds.

Top mongo producer was Ilocos region with 40 percent of the country’s total production. Cagayan Valley followed next with 30 percent, and Central Luzon with 20 percent.

Peanut production also increased 4.8 percent to 8,100 MT due to higher area harvested following favorable soil moisture, as well as better pricing in the market.



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