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The new bohemians, intellectuals and punks at Paris Men's Fashion Week

Punk soul brother: Sharply-dressed punks walked down the runway of Miharayasuhiro who worked with themes of the Orient, including dragon elements as well as a head-to-toe snake print puffer ensemble.

Paris — YStyle attended Paris Men’s Fashion week and discovered beautiful prints, lots of color and the ubiquitous puffer in many different styles.

Dries Van Noten

At the Dries Van Noten show, it was all about gorgeous fabrics that you could throw on and throw off: printed robes, easy pants as comfortable-looking as pajamas, and silk “carpet” tops replete with fringe. That said, it was a luxurious collection that included details such as printed puffer jackets, long silk coats and soft sweaters. From beige to brownish tones to rust, it was one mix after another of a collection that went all the way from easy layering to sartorial and almost, but not quite, gentlemanly: the choice of footwear remained the casual sandal.


The Wooyoungmi man was wearing a lot of bright colors — yellow, red and electric blue — in neat separates. Waist-cropped jackets gave a sporty feeling and a no-frills, to-the-point coolness, including a jacket made puffy with straight lines. Navy and black ensembles, boxy and loose, injected a warmer feeling to the collection.

Paul Smith

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The music in the show began with some grunge-era tunes, and some of the clothing felt like a neat version of the era, in printed or nubby sweaters with models with long-ish hair. There were colorful pants in teal and mauve and a color-blocked sweater that was a slight throwback, in cut and attitude, to the ‘60s — albeit a 2013 version. It was a simply tailored and easy-to-wear collection.


Before the show, hand warmers with the word “Chinpira” emblazoned on them were being given to the audience, who were feeling cold: the collection was staged outdoors in freezing winter weather. The word “Chinpira” means “punk.” The first look was a cardigan with the word “Japan” emblazoned on its back, white birds printed on the front chest that could have led to an entire collection focused on sport or attitude. Instead, out came individual pieces full of details — printed silk ensembles and a printed silk puffer, fur collars, scarf-like poofs to warm the neck, embroidery and overall attention to detail. The punk, if he was one, was sophisticated and stylish.

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