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The last time I wrote about beauty, I extolled the virtues of a complicated, 14-step Korean skincare regimen.

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Last year was when the whole world acted like minimalism and “living with less” was new and groundbreaking.

Designed for special occasions, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection engages not only the eyes, but also the senses of touch and hearing, exploring the possibilities of sustainable materials, like polyester made entirely from plastics recycled from shoreline waste.

Celebrating 30 years of #LoveLocal, retail giant Bench staged its inaugural #BenchFashionWeek with a weekend of shows at The Playground at Bench Tower last March 10-12.

The outdated rhetoric that print is dead is, well, dead. While it’s true that mainstream publications continue to fold, struggling to find new revenue streams and translating their voice to digital, independent magazines and books have become modern status symbols, its consumption a shorthand for acquired taste.

This year was my fifth year attending WOW — the Women of the World Festival at Southbank Centre in London.

It’s been more than 15 years since I met a very young Emman Montalvan.

My first question was: Will I turn out to be too old for this? My retired inclination towards clubbing, which used to be a birthright, is justified by the many things I no longer like about it: tight, enclosed spaces, crowds, having to yell to be heard by people two inches from you, and socially dictated clubwear.

Some time in 2012, I owned a pair of burgundy wax-washed jeans. It was the closest I’ve ever come to wearing colored pants, though it looked more like a wearable crime scene than a fashion statement.

The ’90s was a breakthrough period in Filipino retail. It was in this period that womenswear label Bayo, an iconic staple known for its classic and preppy separates — especially its white button-down shirts worn by Lea Salonga — was born.

Those who stick to no-makeup makeup will enjoy its luminosity; those who like to experiment will love its pigments. Chanel’s summer beauty collection, drawing inspiration and ingredients from the Japanese plum, is all about drawing light to the face and enhancing feminine beauty. 

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