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Home is where the art is

Love team: “You Are Here” curators Everywhere We Shoot’s Ryan and Garovs

MANILA, Philippines - We just had the simplest plan of wanting to share our home with everyone,” Ryan and Garovs Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot say, “because we love everything in it, (everything) that we accumulated when we got married.”

A few years ago, in a match made in art scene heaven, Ryan and Garovs got married in a ceremony—and reception—that paid homage to the creative lives they had dedicated themselves to and the talents of their formidable friends. From a Leeroy New cake to portraits by Charles Buenconsejo, their wedding was a celebration of their friends’ talents, as much as a celebration of love. It makes sense then that in their first turn as curators, Everywhere We Shoot turn to those prodigious talents, and the love that makes a home, for “Y O U A R E H E R E,” a group show that brings over 100 artists together for a meditation on the idea of home.

“We thought of a lot of topics—mga complex, mga simple, mga deep, mga shallow, mga issues to tackle, etc. It was taking so much time and we had just a little more than a month to make it happen,” they say. “Then we figured, maybe the reason why we couldn’t commit to the topics we thought of is because we really just wanted the simplest idea from where everything began. We just wanted to share our home.”




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From designer Joey Samson to stylist Melvin Mojica, from photographer Jake Versoza to needle-and-thread artist Raffy Napay, it’s hard to see a common thread among the artists Everywhere We Shoot assembled, aside from being prime movers in their respective industries. (Young STAR’s Erwin Romulo, Sam Potenciano, and Ralph Mendoza are part of it, as well as Carina Santos, who’s been a practicing visual artist for over five years now.)

“All of the artists we picked execute their work with so much heart, and their work is very personal. When you see their work, they make you feel feelings almost to the level of seeing a close friend or family you sorely missed. They work where they are most comfortable, no constrictions, they work with what’s in their heart—to us that’s one of the best meanings of ‘home.’”

And true enough, opening night of the exhibit was a testament to that feeling. In a crowd full of their friends, family, contemporaries, and idols, Everywhere We Shoot never looked more at home.

“We didn’t see this as something we’ve always wanted to do,” they say. “From what we experienced, it can turn into an obsession or addiction… We see this as something that will be continuous until we die,” they say.                

* * *

“Y O U A R E H E R E,” a group show curated by Ryan  and Garovs Vergara, runs until July 4, at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, 2135 Warehouse II, 2nd floor, Chino Roces Ave. Makati City, PH.

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