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Odyssey New Graduates Magic 89.9


(May 21 - June 21)

FORGET YOURSELF FIRST. Your prima donna spell vanishes for a while come April. Keep that positive energy flowing, crazy Gemini. You must learn how to share the spotlight every so often. It’s a good time to help friends in need—just be wary of people wanting to take you for a ride. All you single Twins out there, this may just be your month to find someone; attached ones are too focused! Ease up a bit, you may find yourself wanting to flirt around.

WARNING: Be ready to cry on the 20th—let it all out. Keeping tears in can be poison.


(June 22 - July 22)

TAKE A CHILL PILL! Leaving things hanging will give you sleepless nights, silly Crab! If you are bored with the daily grind of your schedule—leave space for fun, spend weekends away, but don’t do anything too drastic! Fight any forces that may keep you doubting your potential…co-workers may just be jealous of you. Discuss all concerns with your partner; he will put you right at ease. Delve into your creative side, you may just discover a new talent!

JUST DO IT! Hard to say you’re sorry? Do it now! Putting it off past the 18th will just make the task more difficult..


(July 23 - August 22)

STAY GROUNDED. Learn to balance passion with logic. It’s good to reach for the sky, but remember why you find yourself on the ground. Harsh reality is bound to set in; don’t be caught unprepared. Your fast tongue has everybody listening. Don’t take advantage and be true with your word. Nobody likes being around liars. Forgetting about your health? Watch that diet; don’t go to either extreme, proud Lion!

BE PICKY! You know you’re looking for a lasting bond, you have to weed out the bad grass. An event on the 9th will test your selection skills.


August 23 - September 22

MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Now’s the time to heavily think about your career path. New ideas and projects at this point are good, but not for the long haul. Establish good contacts from now on. It’s always advisable to have a great network. It’s good to get mental stimulation outside your relationship. Just remember which one you’re actually involved with. Be honest with your partner, he will understand.

THE STARS SAY: Time to get to know yourself all over again. You seem to have gotten lost along the way.


September 23 - October 23

LOOSEN UP. You don’t have to keep with the safety mold all the time, scrupulous Libra! Your unusual concepts may just win votes with your co-workers. It’s only human to need acceptance, but don’t expect to be put on a pedestal either. Learn to be spontaneous as well when it comes to relationships; but keep intentions clear. If you’re willing to take a flirting game with a friend seriously, make sure you’re willing to lose the good thing you already have.

MEDIATE! Use your instincts to keep the peace in your office around the 27th. The last thing you need is a tense working environment.


October 24 - November 21

FIND A CURE. Why do you insist on taking such a special person in your life for granted? He’ll only put up with it a little bit longer; you’re definitely not prepared to suffer the repercussions of losing him. Been thirsting for some existential conversation? Finish your duties at work or school before hooking up with your group of choice. You are truly a stress magnet! Don’t expect to come up with answers for everything. Let things unfold on their own.

PLAN YOUR LIFE! Give lots of thought to your next step by the 30th. You know how you get when boredom creeps in.


November 22 - December 21

BUSY BEE. You’re going for every opportunity that comes your way. Smart move! You know it doesn’t get this good all the time. Ideas are taking over your thought process. Don’t clutter your life, mighty Sagittarius! Write them down, and save them for a rainy day. Although work is great, why are you settling in the love department? You put so much into the relationship, and you deserve to be treated the same way…if not better!

LET GO! Don’t get all clingy to a dear friend around the 15th. She’s not going anywhere, but she needs this time to foster her own growth. .


December 22 - January 19

WHAT ABOUT YOU? You aim to please this month—giving out help left and right. You’re everyone’s hero…except your own! Don’t put too much on your plate; you need some time to reconnect with yourself as well. All this selfless action will keep you in sickbay for a while if you don’t counter illness ahead of time. Take vitamins, busy Capricorn! You’ll be needing all that positive energy for scooping out a potential love interest come month’s end.

BE YOURSELF! If your crush won’t accept you for who you truly are, he’s definitely not worth it. Get rid of that façade! He’s bound to take notice.


January 20 - February 18

FIND THAT BALANCE. Keep the positive vibes going this month! You find the adventurer in you and go all out! Although free spiritedness is a wonderful quality, you must create a plan of life as well. Have a target, aim for it, and you’ll have loads of time to enjoy life, fun-loving Aquarius! Don’t let an emotional undercurrent prevent you from finishing that project. People are counting on you. Nobody wants to be tagged as unreliable!

MEET HALF WAY! Would you rather feed your pride or reach a compromise? Think about this as you get into a heated argument with your partner around the 26th.


February 19 - March 20

AIM HIGH! There’s no harm in wanting things, dear Pisces. Half the job’s done! All you need after that is sheer determination and persistence. Stop at nothing to reach your goal! Do remain wary of people who want to pull you down. On the lighter side of things, your relationship calls for a little attention. Spice things up by running away over the weekend. It’s the perfect time for you to regroup, relax, and spend quality time.

ASK!There will be a pending query in your mind come the 31st. There’s definitely no harm in satisfying your curiosity.


March 21 - April 19

HAVE PURE INTENTIONS. Being hypocritical will get you nowhere, Aries! You can play flirting games, but keep that behavior down to a minimum, your partner is watching you like a hawk. Your job is highly important to you mid-month. You’re out of bed early, loving work, and people are listening to your every word. Just avoid doing things to merely get something in return. You can have some quiet time towards the end of April, but don’t disappear for too long.

LUCKY DAY: How was April Fool’s for you this time around? The stars predicted an eventful day for you, playful Ram.


April 20 - May 20

FOCUS ON THE NOW.Why do you insist on living in yesterday? Get your butt in gear to embrace the now and build a great future; the potential in you is waiting to be tapped. Get rid of that emotional state, stubborn Bull! It’s great for the movies, but real life isn’t meant to be drama all the time. Always settle issues; looming problems cause stress build-up. Who wants to suffer unnecessarily? Be patient with your partner, he is just as confused as you are about your restless state.

SOUND ADVICE: Don’t try and get attention to appease your loneliness; maybe it’s the right time to go on a spiritual retreat come the 23rd.

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