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Ramgen Revilla

The death of Ramgen Revilla, son of former actor and senator, Ramon Revilla Sr. and ex-starlet Genelyn Magsaysay, opened teleserye-like complications and unending questions as to the real motives of the perpetrators.

Ramgen, who died after sustaining multiple shots and stab wounds, was with girlfriend Janelle Manahan at his BF Homes residence in Paranaque when the incident happened. Manahan is currently recovering from the shot wounds she sustained and is preparing to take the witness stand once the case goes on trial.

Initial reports points a case of homicide and abduction, when Ramgen’s sister Ramona was taken shortly after the incident. However, when Ramona changed her testimony and abruptly left abroad, following the arrest of her brother Joseph, the investigation concentrated on the angle of family feud as the motive of the killing.

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