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By Matthew Olivares, contributor Updated Wednesday September 16, 2015 - 1:32pm

Making an appearance in Asia Pop Comic Con Press con are America's Next Top Model alumna Allison Harvard, Cosplayer Linda Le known more popularly as Vampy, and toymaker J'Ryu. | Photo courtesy of Matt Olivares

MANILA, Philippines - The Asia Pop Comicon press conference took place on Tuesday at Salon de Ning inside The Peninsula in Makati City. Some of the celebrities who are going to be present at the four-day event made appearances and talked about what fans should expect and even revealed some of the great things that they should look forward to when they participate in the biggest pop culture gathering in Asia at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.

This Academy award-winning character effects company will hold an exhibit featuring some of their work for films, television shows and commercials as well as a demonstration of the animatronix that they have created. This can be a learning/career opportunity for those who want to make a career out of designing and molding characters and creatures.

Lots of cosplayers and the Cosplay Authority Global challengE (CAGE)

Cosplayers will have a chance to participate in a cosplay contest hosted by the Cosplay Authority where the winner will receive $10,000. This is a chance for people to not only earn a lot of money by just being the best cosplayer of the entire event, this is a chance for them to reach international cosplay superstardom like our country's very own Alodia Giosengfao and the global cosplay icon Linda Le, better known as Vampy Bit Me.

Vampy was one of the celebrities present during the press conference. She will be interacting with fans during the event and will discuss various topics about cosplay; she has things to say about elitism in cosplay, gaining the consent of cosplayers when you want to take pictures with them, and the problem of sexualizing cosplayers. If you are new to the scene, you will definitely learn a lot from her. She is also a proud Gundam and Shokugeki no Soma fan and is open to talk about them with fellow fans.

Allison Harvard, one of the popular runner ups for the hit reality series America's Next Top Model and a model for Bench, will also be present to interact with fans. She will talk about fashion and cosplay along with Vampy.

Jeremy Shada aka Finn the Human and his band, Make Out Monday

Another one of the celebrities present yesterday was Jeremy Shada, the voice actor for Finn the Human from the Emmy-nominated absurdist cartoon/pop phenomenon known as Adventure Time. He will be answering all kinds of questions regarding Adventure Time and is willing to talk in Finn's voice if you want him to. He is also a member of the band Make Out Monday; he plays the bass and is one of the singers of the group along with his brother Zack and his best friend Logan Charles. They will be performing at the event as well as interact with the fans.

During the press conference, they sang an a cappella rendition of "Hope Less Romantics," one of the songs from their debut EP Kicking Cars. They will release a special edition of their EP at the convention, and it will contain additional tracks which are currently not released anywhere.

Pop Punk has been under the radar these days, but will Finn and his friends bring the genre back on the map? We will find out.

Lots and lots of toys

The convention is a treasure trove of toys that fans and collectors will go crazy and wish that they have a lot of money to buy everything. Acclaimed toy makers such as J-Ryu and Simone Legno of Tokidoki will exhibit their works and talk about their stories in the toy making industry.

J-Ryu will provide a lecture of sorts about creating toys out of vinyl. He will also unveil his newest creation, the "It's a F.A.D." Dunny, which is a strange and somewhat surrealist sculpture of a bunny-like creature. Fans of J-Ryu or collectors in general will have the chance to pre-order some of his products and maybe even replicas of the "It's a F.A.D." Dunny.

The chance to work for Marvel or DC Comics

If you are a comic book artist and you want to make it to the big leagues like Whilce Portacio, Boy Sicat, Harvey Tolibao and Rain Beredo, you have the chance to be able to work for Marvel or DC Comics because talent scouts, or "head-hunters" will be looking around for artists that are worthy enough to be able to pen, ink and color the superheroes that everyone loves so much like Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man and Superman.

Ready your sample works, komikeros!

Captain America: Civil War

Yes. We were all jealous of those who were able to attend the recent San Diego Comicon in the United States for being the first to see the trailers of the much awaited Suicide Squad and Deadpool. Now, it is our turn to get a first glimpse of a superhero movie that many Marvel fans are waiting for: Captain America: Civil War.

Do not forget your wallets and costumes everybody. This convention is going to be one for the ages.

Here is the schedule of activities from Friday to Sunday: 

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila has loads of entertainment for our fans! Panel sessions with celebrities and other #APCC guests;...

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