Literature-based learning: Learn how to teach your kids using quality children's books
By Featured Blogger Tina Santiago-Rodriguez Updated Monday July 07, 2014 - 6:02pm

I have a confession to make... As a child, I didn't really read a lot of 'good' books. Most of the stuff I read could be considered 'fluff' -- literature that is usually described as 'dumbed down' or too 'simple.' I would usually read comic books, Enid Blyton books and books from the Sweet Valley and Babysitters Club series.

To tell you the truth, until we started homeschooling, I wasn't even aware of what qualities to look for in good children's books. I also didn't know that classic children's literature and quality books are usually enough to teach one's kids.

It's been 3 years since we started 'officially' homeschooling our eldest son and I'm so grateful that good books have been our companion for this journey. Thanks to homeschooling, my children, plus my  husband and I, have discovered the joy of reading quality and award-winning children's literature.

Can kids really learn just from reading books?

If you had asked me this question before, I wouldn't have had a solid answer.

In fact, I may have asked these questions to myself at many points in our homeschooling journey too: Could 'just' reading aloud to your child be counted as 'teaching' or homeschooling? Could children be able to learn just from reading quality and classic children's literature, and discussing what you read together? Does literature-based learning work?

The answer I can give you now is 'yes.'

And I'm not the only one who can answer positively to the questions above.

My friends from The Learning Basket, and other homeschoolers as well, can also attest to this: literature-based learning really works. You can homeschool your child, even by 'just' using classic and award-winning children's books!

Actually, even if you aren't homeschooling, you can still use quality literature to reinforce your child's learning, or maybe even jumpstart it!

Learn how to plan your literature-based preschool homeschool

If you're wondering how to do so, you might want to attend the upcoming workshop 'Planning Your Literature-Based Preschool Homeschool' on July 12, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Organized by The Learning Basket (TLB), the workshop is for "anyone who wishes to learn how to use books to light the fire of a child's curiosity and imagination." Mariel Uyquiengco and Sanne Unson, the ladies behind TLB (and my fellow homeschooling moms) will be guiding participants on how to choose books (or a topic) and plan a complete unit study.

According to Mariel, the event will be a "hands-on workshop with output you can actually use as soon as you get home."

Participants can expect to hear about and learn:

- How to cultivate your child's love of learning, gently and naturally

- How to start planning your preschool homeschool

- How to create a complete unit study

- How to plan activities that will encourage the development of early literacy skills as well as pre-math skills

- How to keep track of your progress

The learning fee for the workshop is P600 per person and P1000 per couple ("real couples only," says Mariel, "and not two people").

The fee includes :

- Handouts

- Downloads and printables

- Snacks by Mama Chows

- One free book (brand-new or like new) of your choice

Mariel encourages participants to bring:

- An open mind

- A ballpen

- Laptop/tablet/smartphone

The TLB ladies say that seats for the workshop are limited, so do reserve your slots as soon as you can. Just click here to do so.

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