Ban Kee's Toytown: Your 'one-stop shop' for educational toys and more!
By Featured Blogger Tina Santiago-Rodriguez Updated Friday June 20, 2014 - 2:28pm

(Photo credit to May Palacpac)

Last month, the kids and I were blessed to have been invited to an intimate gathering of moms and their children, organized by Ban Kee Trading and It was held at Cravings Restaurant at Shangri-La Mall.

We got there relatively early, so I took the opportunity to chat with the other moms who were already there -- fellow work-at-home moms May Palacpac and Janice Lim. It was nice to actually speak to them in person, as we usually chat with one another virtually on Facebook!

The kids and I also spent some time looking at the toys on display. Sadly though, I can't access the photos I took with my camera for some reason, so, just like in my previous post here, I'll be using photos taken by other people (thank you, May and Janice!). I do hope our camera and its memory card start working properly soon!

Anyway, here are some of the items that were on display at the event:

(Photo credit to May Palacpac)

We were served lunch first, after which Jenny Fernandez, the Advertising and Promotions Manager of Ban Kee Trading, gave a short presentation about Ban Kee and the brands they carry, which are oh-so-many! I saw the kids' faces lighting up in recognition when they heard some of their favorite and "I-wish-we-could-have-those" toy brands mentioned!

Apparently, Ban Kee distributes around 70 brands here in the Philippines. Because of the diverse range of toys they carry, they even set up their own toy store, called Toy Town, with branches in Market Market and Filinvest malls. Their products are also available online through

Here are some of the toys that the moms and kids present were able to handle in person:

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

This tablet from LeapFrog works just like other ordinary tablets -- except that it's customized especially for kids, so parents can be sure that their kids only access kid-friendly content! My kids had a lot of fun testing it out.

(Photo credit to May Palacpac)

This LeapReader is another quality, high-tech toy from LeapFrog, and sounds out words and reads sentences for your beginning readers. You can even listen to audio books on-the-go!

Lalaloopsy Bubbly Mermaid Doll: Pearly Seafoam

(Photo credit: Ban Kee Toys Facebook Page)

I have got to give credit to my little girl -- she waited patiently for her turn to play with this Lalaloopsy doll, even if she really, really, really wanted to hold it! Even the little boys present at the event had fun making bubbles with this mermaid doll!

Chill Factor Slushy Maker

(Photo credits to May Palacpac)

I had actually already seen this in toy stores, so it was cool to see that Ban Kee carries this -- you can make your own slushy drinks with this!

Just pour in chilled juice or any other drink into the Chill Factor Slushy Maker, put on the lid, squeeze it, then put it in the freezer for 60 minutes and -- voila! You have your own slushy! The kids really want me to get them one of these!


I know many people are going crazy over loom bands -- so when the people from Ban Kee let those present at the event try the Cra-Z-loom, everyone really had fun!

I wasn't able to try it out though, because I had a wiggly toddler with me, but almost everyone else did. The photo below shows Janice's daughters having a go at it.

(Photo credit to Janice Lim)

I wish there had been Lamaze toys on display too, though -- Ban Kee carries them too, and I would have loved to check out a few for our youngest, like these 'rainbow rings'!


(Photo credit to Ban Kee Toys Facebook Page)

Also, our girl would probably have gone crazy over this Frozen doll, one of the latest toys available from Ban Kee:

(Photo credits: Ban Kee Toys Facebook Page)

This Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag set looks cool too!

(Photo credits: Ban Kee Toys Facebook Page)

Anyway, if you want to check out what other products (not just toys, mind you!) Ban Kee carries, do check out their website, or You can also follow them on Facebook here.

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