At First Glance: Adamson University Soaring Falcons

Pio Garcia | Updated Thursday June 27, 2013 - 12:00am

The Adamson Falcons of coach Leo Austria have been waiting far too long. If things go well, this might be a storybook season for them. And oh, they have a good chance of beating Ateneo in an aerial battle and they are itching.

The Good

Jericho Cruz.

Add in some more of Jericho Cruz.

And top it all off, Jericho Cruz.

Too much Jericho Cruz? Not entirely a bad thing. This kid can ball with the best of them, even if somewhat erratic, on his first year. Imagine what he can do with a bit of seasoning on his sophomore year.

The kid packs so much potential to be ranged with the likes of Kiefer Ravena and Bobby Ray Parks. He isn't a shooter but a definite and sure-fire scorer. He'll get buckets whether off-the-bounce or coming off down screens and back picks. And he can surely slash like Alex Nuyles.

Now if Leo Austria can just find a solid replacement to make sure the drop off isn't steepÂ…

The Bad

Eric Camson and Alex Nuyles are gone.

How do you replace that?

Also, there are only three reliables for coach Leo Austria this time to put points across the board. The bench remains a mystery and how will they pan out is up to him. Who'll be bringing that surge of energy once the starters lag down?

The Ugly

What will be ugly for Adamson is the paint. And in a good way.

Rodney Brondial showed everybody he can play. What's more, he's going to get help from foreign student-athlete, Ingrid Sewa.

Ingrid Sewa? Sounds like a girl you might say.

Well let's get this straight. Imagine Ali Peek of the Talk N Text Tropang Texters (whew what a mouthful). The Man Mountain. Built like a rock. Only he stands a generous 6'4" while Sewa is a monstrous 6'9".


A 6'9" Ali Peek.

Now you can go to the washroom in fright.

Watch out forÂ…

The troika of Cruz, Brondial and Sewa will dictate where the Falcons will land in this year's tourney. If they pace themselves well, then you are looking at a collegiate Big Three and Leo Austria owns it.

If the right buttons are pushed, the Falcons will land back to the Final Four way ahead of FEU and DLSU.

That is if they put their act together.

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NCAA Season 89


NU Bulldogs 10 4
FEU Tamaraws 10 4
DLSU Green Archers 10 4
UST Growling Tigers 8 6
ADMU Blue Eagles 7 7
UE Red Warriors 7 7
Adamson Falcons 4 10
UP Maroons 0 14



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