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Heart clearing at The Farm in San Benito

The Narra Pool Villa of The Farm at San Benito

Health is wealth. And life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured, as I often say.

My favorite multi-award winning medical wellness resort that combines eastern modalities and treatments is The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas. This medical “sparadise” is like having an executive checkup in paradise. An added attraction is that you are actively engaged in the solution of whatever condition you came here to address. Whether it’s for wellness, weight loss, detoxification, relaxation, holistic treatments or even hydro-colonics, it’s all done in a very comfortable and beautiful setting.

The owner of The Farm, Naresh Khattar, once told me that he was looking for something to spend the rest of his life on, and he found it here. After all, the gift of wellness is one that is priceless.

The Farm sales and marketing consultant, Jennifer Sanvictores, invited my dear Texan friend Edwin Santos and me to spend the weekend in The Farm, which is barely two hours away from Manila. We were warmly welcomed by the officiating general manager Rouel Guanzon, a classmate of mine in Colegio San Agustin. The ambiance at The Farm is very homey and family oriented. All members of the staff are warm as they attend to your every need without being imposing; as a matter of fact they anticipate what you need.

There’s always something new to look forward to at The Farm, whether it’s new cuisine — prepared the vegan way, with organic produce, of course — or new treatments like Clear Your Heart for a Better Life with James Rick Stinson. According to James, “Everybody wants to make the most out of their lives. However, stress tends to bog us down in this fast-paced world — making it difficult to take our lives to the next level. Thankfully, we have experienced and enlightened spiritual gurus like James Rick that can serve as our personal life coach to help clear out our emotional baggage.”

James, also known as “Mr. Full Potential,” is a world-renowned personal development expert, life coach and business strategist. Author of the book Full Potential, this touring master has conducted seminars and one-on-one sessions around the world, helping people clear their hearts and start their journeys to a positive, full-potential life.

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There, I learned how to remove blockages and get to my central core to be able to accept and radiate this enormous power of love.

We also had a seminar of probiotics and vegetarianism. Edwin was amazed by the wonderful information about probiotics: he learned that during the journey through the birth canal in normal delivery, a newborn gets dosed with bacteria from his or her mother. This event starts colonization in the infant’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract of “good” bacteria. Compelling new research now shows many Caesarean section infants have less-than-optimal health after birth. This is most likely because they are not exposed to the mother’s healthy bacteria in the birth canal, which would then serve to populate its newborn GI tract.

James said that as you mature, you’re faced with many threats to the beneficial bacteria in your gut, from chlorinated drinking water to overly processed foods.



“The ‘good’ bacteria in your gastrointestinal system can only provide you with optimum health if the proper balance of different types of bacteria is maintained in your gut,” he noted.

“This is where probiotics can have a profound effect, not just on your GI health, but on your overall health as well. Keep in mind, 80 percent of your immune system actually lives in your gut.”

He added that probiotic formulas are available with many different types of bacterial strains, with the most common being Lactobacillus acidophilus. But as you’ll find out shortly, not all probiotics are created equal and not all probiotic formulas are properly produced to provide optimal benefits.

Those who go through James’ heart-clearing process are liberated from all the negativity of their past. In turn, they are able to love and be loved more genuinely, while attracting the right people and the best opportunities. During his special five-day seminar at The Farm, everyone can start his or her own path to what James calls a “Level 10” life. For an affordable fee, those who want to get a headstart can opt for individual sessions with James.

Edwin, being diabetic, learned that being a vegetarian can actually reverse his condition.

The Farm is the perfect setting for James’ self-improvement and guided meditation events. With its own in-house healing treatments that combine the potency of western and eastern therapeutic practices, those going through their own heart clearing will find that The Farm’s services heighten the process, elevating their healing to a higher level. Not only that, they have diverse menus of fresh, organic, living foods to sate even the deepest of hungers while keeping bodies fit and clean. To complement the heart clearing, The Farm has a complete program of integrative medical, fitness, and nature-based activities that everyone from all ages can enjoy. For a richer sense of comfort, guests can stay in The Farm’s Narra, Master, or Lakan Villas.

One’s optimum health is important. The clearing of the heart is an activity that should be enjoyed.

For those interested in learning more about heart clearing, James Rick, and all the award-winning services of The Farm at San Benito, visit For inquiries, call 884-8074, (+63918) 884-8080, or email

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