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  • IN PHOTOS: Pahiyas Festival 2014

  • History of the Pahiyas

    According to the oral and recorded history of Lucba, the Feast of Saint Isidore was first observed by the native Tagalogs who used to settle at the foot of Mt. Banahaw during the early Christianization of the natives of Lucban, Tayabas circa 1500.


    History of the Pahiyas

  • The Pahiyas Festival

    The fiesta color f summer come alive again as Lucban celebrates the SAN ISIDRO PAHIYAS FESTIVAL - referred to by many as the fiesta to end all fiestas.


    The Pahiyas Festival

  • San Isidro de Labrador

    San Isidro was tenant farmer working on the farm owned by a Spaniard. He would constantly ponder why he had a lean harvest each time. It was barely enough to meet what was due the landlord.


    San Isidro de Labrador