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Globe partners with DOT on V-12 program

Imagine 80 million Filipinos as primary catalysts to improve the economy and living conditions in the country, where each one is harnessed as a driving force for the development of the domestic tourism industry.

All they need to do is to talk to foreigners and their relatives and friends abroad about the awe-inspiring charm of the Philippines, giving them a sneak preview of something they are bound to fall in love with.

The Department of Tourism, with the support of its exclusive telco partner Globe Telecom, is encouraging every Filipino to join the Tourism Volunteer 12 (V-12) Program.

Under this program, they act as ambassadors of goodwill for the Philippines and promote it as the best place to visit, thus generating more employment opportunities.

V-12 will be getting heightened support from Globe Telecom’s superior network quality by making it possible to reach more Filipinos abroad by using the telco’s wide array of international services such as IDD, international text messaging and international MMS.

"Globe Telecom’s involvement in V-12 is part of its commitment to nation-building," said company president and CEO Gerardo Ablaza.

He said the V-12 Program is aligned with Globe Telecom’s effort to promote corporate citizenship as with its previous participation in the programs of the Social Security System and the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The V-12 Program is the centerpiece of the Department of Tourism’s "Culture of Tourism" campaign. It encourages all Filipinos to bring to the country at least one tourist a month for the entire year. In effect, Filipinos each volunteering 12 visitors a year would generate an estimated $7.8 billion for the country.

To join the V-12 program and qualify for the cash prizes, Globe Telecom subscribers need to simply text "V-12" to 2360. They earn points for every tourist they bring in and by just instructing their guests to indicate the V-12 ID number on a special form attached to their disembarkation/immigration cards when they arrive in the country.

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