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PDA phones free with Globe Platinum plan

Connectivity now has a new meaning as Globe Telecom unveils the widest range of PDA phones that hook you up to the World Wide Web, giving you access to information and communication integrated in a portable support tool.

Even without your PC or laptop, you gain access to the Web with the new PDA phones that come free with a Globe Platinum Plan subscription or at great discounts with other G-plans.

With these PDA phones, Globe offers Internet browsing through GPRS. This lets you stay connected to the Internet with just your PDA phone, allowing you to get the information vital to your business or even for recreation.

And to make it more affordable, Globe introduces the G-Surf – its newest data plan that offers Internet browsing for a low as only 25 centavos per kilobyte at a fixed monthly rate.

"While the Globe Platinum Plan gives subscribers the number of free voice call minutes and text messages, we also recognize the need for cost-efficient Internet browsing. Globe G-Surf plan is the first of its kind in the country, offered to Globe subscribers who want to maximize Internet surfing on their PDA phones," says Nikko Acosta, head of Globe Handyphone’s Consumer Postpaid Business.

Personal digital assistant (PDA) phones are sleek, handheld computers that possess the latest and most accessible interfaces catering to the multi-tasking needs of their users. They serve as an organizer, note-taker and cellular phone.

The latest upgrades on various units come with a camera, MP3 player, MMS capability, speakerphone and 3D screen. And they operate on dual- or tri-band mode.

Globe introduces a diverse selection of the latest PDA handset models from the leading brands in PDA and mobile technology in the market today. Current offerings include the Sony Ericsson P800, a tri-band PDA phone using the Symbian operating system (OS), has a built-in camera, an MP3 player for music playback, a memory stick for larger picture and music storage, MMS capability, and 3D side screen games.

For those who are more accustomed with the PocketPC operating system, the QTEK 1010 is capable of opening Word and Excel files, has 64 RAM, 150 PDA hours and an MP3 player.

Palm aficionados may choose from the Treo or Tungsten W models available only from Globe. The Treo 180 is a superb monochrome dual-band PDA phone running on the Palm operating system and comes with a speakerphone and MMS capability, while the Treo 270 has a colored screen with over 4,000 colors, is MMS-capable and has a personal speakerphone.

Completing the list of cool gadgets is the Tungsten W, a tri-band PDA phone (available very soon at the Hub) that is MMS-capable, comes with a built-in keyboard and has high resolution with over 65,000-color display.

The MyGlobe website, now perfectly viewed with a PDA phone, keeps you updated on essential information. It gives you easier access to the latest news and headlines from ABS-CBN, stock market info and business news, movie schedules, music and games from Click the City.

MyGlobe also connects you to a powerful search of the Web via instant access to Google. The site also features links to tips in keeping your PDA customized to your needs with latest downloadable applications.

The Globe Platinum Plan offers these high-tech PDA phones for free along with 1,100 voice minutes, 650 text messages and exclusive discounts to prime establishments.

While the Ericsson P800 is available nationwide, visit the Hub to try out the Qtek 1010, Treo 180 and 270 and the Tungsten W. Promo runs until April 13.

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