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Adam Levine wants you to take care of your balls

Check out a more clothed version of Adam Levine during the Manila stop of Maroon 5’s latest tour.

Manila, Philippines - You may have already seen this photo making the Internet rounds since the start of the year, and yes, it’s another naked man. But no, it’s not one of those PETA ads. What it is is a rather subtle attempt  cough  to draw attention to prostate and testicular cancer by one of the most recognizable frontmen in music today. It sounds like a joke, but yup, Adam Levine wants you to check your ‘nads for signs and symptoms of the disease.

Pictures from the shoot, on behalf of the organization Everyman, the UK’s prostate and testicular cancer campaign, appeared in the British edition of Cosmo in January. The dismembered hands covering his naughty bits, if you need to know, belong to Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, the Maroon 5 singer’s current squeeze. That pun was intended.

“I often have to be told by the people around me that it’s inappropriate to be as naked as I am,” says Levine on dropping trou. “But I live in California, where it’s always warm, so why not?” Germs creeping into your bodily cavities is why not. Also, it’s against the law. Then again, Adam Levine “hooked up” with Lindsay Lohan years ago so accidentally stepping on a syringe while traipsing down the streets of Los Angeles is probably a more hygienic option. Incidentally all of this nakedness came about just when they dropped their single Never Gonna Leave This Bed, from the new album “Hands All Over.”

If you want to see Adam Levine and his balls — clothed, of course — in action, you can do so during Maroon 5’s greatest hits concert on May 23, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center. Ticket prices are: Gold B P5,830, Silver P3,180 and Bronze P1,272. For tickets, visit call TicketWorld at 891-99-99 or You can also call SM Tickets at 470-22-22 or, or Futuretainment: 0917-5555415, 0917-5555475, (02)577-3265 and (02)586-7275.

— Gino de la Paz

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