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Pepe, Daryl, Gino in your computer screens!

Watch Daryl Chang’s talk on personal style on

MANILA, Philippines - Why You Do What You Do (WYD), a web show that aims to inspire and motivate you to do what you’ve always wanted to do, collaborated with Supreme for “Supreme Talks.”

If you weren’t able to catch award-winning filmmaker Pepe Diokno, Preview fashion editor Daryl Chang, and trendspotter Gino de la Paz talk about what they do best, head on over to for a video of the talks.

WYD features people that have transformed an idea into reality out of their passion for a certain craft or field. WYD believes in the intersection of passion and social responsibility.

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WYD is a production group based in Manila. Their goal is to transform into reality the production ideas of their clients through branded entertainment. They offer pre-production to post-production services for the branding purposes of their clients. Visit

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