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MANILA, Philippines - SUPREME: After winning American Idol, you were faced with a lot of controversies. How do you react to these things?

ADAM LAMBERT: It’s funny to me, I think if you don’t have a sense of humor with the way you are portrayed in the public, you are going to go nuts. So, I just want to laugh at everything, it’s the only way I could get by.

What are the rumors that are not true?

Oh men, there are tons of them. Hmmm, I’m not back together with my ex-boyfriend, I’m single. The rumor with Kris Allen is definitely not true, he’s got a wife.

Who are your crushes?

I like the Tokio Hotel singer Bill (Kaulitz), he is beautiful, I like his style. That kid from Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, he is really handsome. When I was younger and I was a teenager, I loved Leonardo DiCaprio.

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When are you going to the Philippines?

Hopefully soon, we’re taking it small steps, one at a time, the Southeast Asia tour.

What do you think Ellen would say about you?

I dont know, I think she would like it (my music), I hope she would. I’ve come to her show twice now, she is so great. 

You have an online relationship with Lea Salonga, how is that like?

Oh yeah, we talked a couple of times on Twitter, direct messages. Obviously, I grew up listening to musical theater, I have the Miss Saigon soundtrack, learning the songs and the duets, and of course, Lea was lead and I heard it for so long and talking to her was so crazy like oh my gosh, blast from the past.

Do you have any favorites from the current season (American Idol Season 9)?

I think Todrick (Hall) is really great, he is a showman like myself. He can dance, he has a sense of fashion, and he is a stylist, you know. The male and female who I think are probably going to do the best are Casey (James) and Crystal (Bowersox). To me, they really seem like authentic, talented, likable people. They are both attractive. They have cool voices. They are like, organic. 

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