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Supreme pick: ManilArt takes place this weekend

MANILA, Philippines - This year’s ManilArt Fair is broadening its scope and proving once again why it is called the country’s biggest visual art fair.

Now on its fifth year, the 2013 ManilArt Fair has invited 30 galleries from all over the Philippines, including Batanes, Baguio, Bacolod, Palawan, Cebu, and Bohol to celebrate the diversity of Filipino art. This decision to invite spaces from all over the country is an approach to meet its credo of “celebrating variety.”

The exhibitors participating in this year’s edition are 371 Art Space, Amarela, Archivo 1984, The Artery Manila, Artes Orientes, Arte Pintura, Mendez / Big & Small Gallery, Blue + Gray Gallery, Finale Art File, Galerie Anna, Gallery Big, Charlie’s Art Gallery, Galeria de las Islas, Galleria Duemila, Galerie Francesca, Galeria Joaquin, Galeria Nicholas, Gallery Nine, Gallery Stephanie, Leon Gallery, L’arc en Ciel Gallery, Manila Contemporary, Paseo Gallery, Quattrocento, Qube Gallery, Renaissance Art Gallery, Tam-Awan Village, Transwing Art Gallery, vMeme Contemporary, and Yaru Gallery & Art Shop.

ManilArt is exciting as it has invited alternative galleries with fresh approaches. New works from established artists are also going to be presented, such as Impy Pilapil’s Mist and pieces from Roberto Chabet proteges RM de Leon and Keka Enriquez. Equally exciting is the first exhibit of Aleah Angeles, whose work was recently auctioned at Christie’s.

Despite the growing number of art festivals, it’s exhilarating to note there is no mudslinging. This could stem from the art patron’s emblematic grace, but it could also be the desire to rise above and promote local talent. According to organizers, there should be no competition.

Whether it is by holding it in an open-air park to create an inviting atmosphere, or by inviting a wide variety of galleries to bolster inclusiveness, the end goal is to promote the vibrant art community across the world. And just like in boxing, in singing, and moviemaking, the Philippines can also create one hell of a masterpiece.

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The fifth ManilArt Fair will be held at the SMX Aura at Taguig, from October 10-13.


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