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Eastwood’s new jewel within its palace

Franco Mabanta, Claudine Trillo, and Seong Un Hwang of Korean Cultural Center  

MANILA, Philippines - Coffee lovers got a new kick as Caffe Bene opened its doors in Eastwood City Walk 2. The Korean coffee shop brand, which has a cult following, just held a grand launch with celebrities, media and good friends of the brand in full attendance.

99.5 Play FM morning jock Sam Oh hosted the event which gave the first-day crowd that had gathered a fine sampling of the Caffe Bene signature roast coffee, waffles and Italian gelato. There was a caffeine buzz and sugar rush among the guests, a good mix between lifestyle, showbiz, political and lifestyle industries. The A-list guests took home mugs and tumblers (perfect for Caffe Bene coffee) and lounged around the cozy environment that is distinctly Caffe Bene.

From Korea, Caffe Bene is now in the Philippines. With a cup of coffee, and a waffle on my plate, let me toast to that!


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