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Handmade love

Kids today are dubbed as the “generation that can.” They start businesses from Kickstarter. They go backpacking alone in Cambodia. They even become social media celebrities. So, Christmas for this generation is no exception. Armed with art tools, how-to YouTube videos, and lot of bubbling creativity, young artisans are shining with do-it-yourself presents.

Handmade gifts are better than store-bought ones, as they are unique — your friends surely won’t have anything like it! They also allow you to save money and time from lining up in the malls. So, to get you started this season, here is a Supreme guide to getting into the colorful world of crafts.

The thread starts with you

What craft can you do? Time travel yourself back to arts or work education class back in school. Yes, school can be useful! Find a craft that you had fun with back when you were in your tween years. It will bring out the kid in you and unleash talents that you never knew you had inside.

Find diy tutorials online

If you are stumped where to start, learn for free via Youtube videos. The best place for projects is a site called Craftzine ( You will find nifty ways to upcycle old junk into gold.

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Get inspired by Etsy is the largest e-bay of handcrafted products. They earned $700 million this year from their entrepreneurs around world. Inspire yourself by browsing around their site to find items that you make yourself.

Join The Craft MNL Community

Craft MNL is a craft workspace at the Collective in Makati for the DIY community. They are all about building the community by networking artisans together like papier mache painting parties. They also hold craft workshops from screen printing to japanese crocheted doll making. Beer making is even in the works for early next year. Meeting likeminded creatives in Craft MNL activities is the best way to build your confidence as you have a live community encouraging and teaching you how to improve your skills. You can find them at or

Discover the wonder of washi

Washi tapes from Japan is decorative tapes with patterns and designs that you can use to liven up anything from old notebooks, mugs to cellphones. Think of it as mini upholstery for everyday items. As it is Christmas time, you can use washi tapes to design your own greeting cards. You can purchase washi tapes at Craft MNL or order at

Get ready to wrap up

As Christmas is a week and a half away, you still have time to start your DIY gifts. Hope this guide helps lessen your holiday stress. And if you can’t make handcrafted items, please support the artisan community and buy handmade goods. It is the best thing you can do to grow our local entrepreneurs. Merry Christmas!

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Thanks to Marielle Nadal of Craft MNL for coining the term “Generation That Can!”

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