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Meet the Jaguar Team

Wellington C. Soong – Chairman and President

MANILA, Philippines - As Chairman and President, Wellington “Willie” Soong provides leadership to position Jaguar at the forefront of the Premium - Luxury Automotive segment. He develops strategic plans to advance market growth as an organization in line with the brand’s mission and objectives.

Marc Louis Soong – Executive Director

As Executive Director, Marc Louis Soong handles the overall operations, asset protection and marketing / public relations of the brand. He is also responsible for overall leadership of the Jaguar Team in the development of short and long range policies and other activities.

Jason Olivier Soong – Managing Director

As Managing Director, Jason Olivier Soong is the Senior Executive who handles business development and client retention. He handles business trends information and issues that would affect the profitability of the Brand and thus evaluate the Brand’s goals, directions and strategies.

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Ivy Monette Claveria – Sales Director

As Sales Director, Ivy Monette Claveria provides leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales department, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals. She develops and implements an effective strategic sales plans in which she targets new customers and new sales opportunities. She also initiates action plan to approach and secure new business for the company.

Johnas Soriano – Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Johnas Soriano handles the below and above the line marketing of Jaguar. She plans, develops and directs the roadmap for the Marketing efforts for the Brand and manages the productivity of the marketing plans and projects.

Kelvin Uy – Brand Communications Manager

As Brand Communications Manager, Kelvin Uy develops and implements a communications strategy through multiple channels, including websites, advertisements and corporate publications from inception to delivery.

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