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Get On The Road With Nissan X-Trail And Grand Livina Road Master Edition

MANILA, Philippines - Have you ever been excited about driving – when there’s a certain kind of joy that goes with it? Was there ever a time when you felt that the road was your haven and that your vehicle was your shelter that lets you enjoy every inch of it? Nissan understands how driving and your vehicle can give you bliss! And, it is letting you enjoy it more with the introduction of the Nissan Grand Livina and X-Trail Road Master edition.

This summer, hit the road with your family riding the Nissan Grand Livina Road Master edition. A trip down south is a good idea, and you have the drive that will amplify the whole family’s excitement. Worry not about the distance or the drive, this new edition is set to let you enjoy the ride with every beat with its all-in-one navigation and audio system. Whether you go south or north for your family adventure, you’re sure to find your location in this navigation system loaded up with the Philippine map. Its audio system is equipped with DVD with MP4 player, MP3 player, iPod with aux adaptor, and Bluetooth mobile voice facility, you, especially your kids, will be entertained along the way.

For that smooth driving, the Road Master edition of Grand Livina will let you focus on the road as complete information – speed indicator, battery voltage indicator, and RPM – can now be seen via its digi-tracker heads up display.

Making it more exciting is the Road Master edition sporting a new look. Not only will give you driving performance like a sedan that comes with two extra seats, this new Nissan Grand Livina is also packed with a sporty body kit for additional aerodynamics and superb styling. With its LED mirror cover, rear spoiler, and wrap around skirt, that’s what you call driving in style!

If you’re the type who fancies SUVs, check out the Nissan X-Trail Road Master edition. Feel the road and have fun more. Enjoy a worry-free driving with the built-in audio navigation system while listening to a good driving music. You may also maximize its 3-set-up monitor display to entertain you with your favorite movies or music during those long drives.

The Nissan X-Trail Road Master edition lets you conquer the road safely. Savor every inch of your trail with the digi-tracker heads-up display. See complete information from speed, battery voltage and RPM without taking your eyes off the road.

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With all these state-of-the-art technology features bundled in the new Road Master edition, Nissan Motors Philippines Inc. definitely sets the trend in the industry. You have fun, convenience and performance all rolled into one with the new Nissan Road Master edition – letting you live life in driving! This Road Master edition of Grand Livina and X-Trail comes in limited edition colors Light Blue and Silver.

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