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Letting in the Good Energy this 2010

MANILA, Philippines - How to let good chi flow this year? It cannot be emphasized enough by resources and experts – clear your clutter. Positive energy cannot make itself to you, and circulate, if your home, particularly your bedroom, is still full of stacks of magazines, books and clothes.

It would be helpful if you knew the bagua of your home. This helps point directions, and you to pinpoint the energy.

Want a better 2010 compared to the past two years? Feng shui experts explain that the way you arrange your home, in accordance to various directions, can greatly affect your fortune for the year. Knowing your horoscope just won’t cut it solely anymore. Here are some recommended actions for this year, for various directions.



Store your financial papers in this area in 2010. Crystals are to be used, to enhance the wealth energy, including amethyst and rose quartz. Various earthenware objects, including terracotta, are recommended to be put in the Center area. Fire feng shui element colors include red, pink, purple, orange and yellow.

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This direction also represents the harmony of various love relationships, so put objects related to the love arena in this area.

If you use traditional feng shui wealth cures you can place the three legged toad facing towards the inside of the house or facing the lucky feng shui direction corresponding to you.

Avoid strong metal or wood elements for here this year.


This direction has the 4-star that governs romance, including creative endeavors. Blue and black are good colors for the North feng shui area this year, as being water feng shui element colors, they feed the wood element of the current 4-star.

This is the direction where you can place creative travel destinations or creative projects, for which you can create a vision board for 2010. Fresh flowers can be put here. 


For 2010, this area has the beneficial 6 star. It brings the helpful and auspicious energy to achieve recognition for accomplishments. It also aims to encourage you to aim higher and to become more than you thought possible. This feng shui energy can be strengthened with both wealth and business / career cures. 



Feng shui area receives the water element of the 1 star in 2010, which then forms a good relationship with the governing metal element of the West. Metal objects (various items), shapes (round), and colors (gray and white) are recommended for this area. Metal feng shui cures including brass gourd or the 6 Chinese coins can also be placed here. 



This has the very fortunate purple 9 star in 2010, which is a fire element annual star. Be mindful of not putting this direction with water, including mirrors, colors black and blue, or those that include actual water or features of water. Fresh flowers, candles, happy images, and the like will also reinforce the happy potential of this area.

Other tips:


Plants are one of the best possible feng shui cures, because they bring health, energy, vibrancy.

Anything natural will bring good feng shui. Crystals, rocks, or items, made from driftwood or clay will bring good energy as everything that is natural is good feng shui. Other natural items you can put in your place include a well-taken care fountain (water element) or fireplace (fire element). You can also consider including an air-purifying plant, in order to breathe clean air inside the office.

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