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The Briggs & Riley difference

Yvonne Williamson, global marketing manager, Briggs & Riley  

MANILA, Philippines - When traveling, the last thing you want to worry about — aside from laglag bala, carry-on limitations and checked baggage fees — is a suitcase mishap.

Substandard luggage can mean the difference between being relaxed and riled on one’s journey. If you fly more than 25,000 miles a year, it’s worthwhile to invest in luggage that goes beyond merely being sturdy and improves your overall travel experience.

Recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of specialty luggage, Briggs & Riley is designed to perform mile after mile, year after year for the lifetime of the bag.

“Briggs & Riley is not disposable. It’s a very durable brand,” enthused Yvonne Williamson, global marketing manager, Briggs & Riley. “We want to build a lifetime relationship with our customers.”

All of the reinforcements that Briggs & Riley use in the luggage are built with the mentality of baggage handlers who unmindfully throw bags into the cargo hold.

“Everything is durable. In fact, our CEO approves every single component of the suitcase and the day bags,” added Yvonne. Briggs & Riley is premium priced, but you’re buying into the confidence of carrying a bag that’s going to last you a lifetime.

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But, lest I bore you with the technical aspects of how the bags are designed and manufactured, let me just share with you one of the reasons why Briggs & Riley is probably the most durable piece of luggage available in the market today: the brand offers a lifetime warranty!

“Briggs & Riley revolutionized the travel industry by adopting a “Simple as that” lifetime warranty,” noted Yvonne, who flew into the country recently for the launch of the brand’s new collection: the Sympatico CX and Kinzie Street collections — both designed with the seasoned traveler in mind. “This means that Briggs & Riley will cover every bag it has manufactured since 1993 — no questions asked.”

Travel reality check

The Sympatico CX and Kinzie Street collections represent Briggs & Riley’s sophisticated design and patented technologies that make each journey simple, efficient and hassle-free.

The Sympatico CX is the world’s only hard-side luggage that expands to pack more, and collapses back to its original size through the company’s proprietary CX expansion technology. It allows you to pack up to 25 percent more and still meet airline carry-on requirements.

Just pull the two plastic handles (inside the bag) upwards to release the CX mechanism on both sides. Load the bag as full as you need to, and zip it closed without putting stress on the zippers. Once zipped, you can actually compress the bag down to its original size and you’re good to go.

“Another unique feature of a Briggs & Riley bag is the outside handle,” Yvonne says. “Unlike other brands, we put the trolley handle outside the bag for two reasons: to provide a flat packing space on the inside of the bag to ensure wrinkle-free clothes; and to provide more room for your clothes.”

The Simpatico hard-side cases have coordinating soft bags that complement the luggage. “So when you’re traveling you’ll look put together and, yes, simpatico,” she added.

The Kenzie Street Collection, on the other hand, is a series of casual day bags. “The genesis of the collection is to appeal to a younger demographic,” noted Yvonne. “The collection has pockets strategically placed for security.”

When it comes to luggage, there’s a big difference between a long time and a lifetime. Briggs & Riley is a smart investment, a smart choice. It gives you peace of mind when you travel — knowing that you have a bag that works for you, from a company that supports you. And hey, the bag looks great, too!

* * *

The Primer Group of Companies is the exclusive distributor of Briggs & Riley in the Philippines. The newest collection of Briggs & Riley will be available in select The Travel club stores. For inquiries, follow Briggs & Riley @BriggsandRiley online.






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