Rebisco Volleyball League to return bigger and better

By Rick Olivares, contributor, Thursday December 7, 2017 - 2:33 pm
Rebisco Volleyball League to return bigger and better
The finalists of the inaugural RVL -- Nazareth School of National University and De La Salle Lipa. The former won via four sets while sweeping the tournament, 7-0.
MANILA, Philippines — A few months ago, after pizza chain Shakey’s let go of its commitment with the V-League after more than a decade of sponsorship, the baton was passed to the snack food company. Prior to the continuation of the league for high school girls’ competition, Rebisco was already sponsoring the Ateneo Lady Eagles. They also organized the Rivalry Match between Ateneo and La Salle as well as bankrolled the nation team.
We spoke with Rebisco's digital marketing manager Kenneth Yu on the recently concluded Rebisco Volleyball League and where it is heading.
Rick: With the tournament over, what are the takeaways for Rebisco? What was the feedback that Rebisco got from hosting this league? What's next? Any planned innovations?
Kenneth Yu: The feedback from the players and coaches was very good, as they enjoyed the finals week very much. Having said that, since this is our first finals with the RVL, we're looking forward to next year wherein we can improve and build upon what we have learned from 2017.
Given the large number of schools that are interested to join the RVL, but also given that not all schools have the same skill level, we're considering the creation of an RVL developmental league or tournament for those schools which are still in the early stages of their volleyball programs. This will serve as a place where other teams can hone and improve their skills. The main RVL tournament will still be for those schools with more advanced programs. 
Of course, we are also looking forward to meeting all the coordinators, especially the ones based in the provinces, to see how we can improve the tournament. Our goal is to have a more competitive league as well as to make more people know that the high school level of play can be as exciting, fun, and interesting as the college and professional level. 
Rick: With Ateneo, the national team, the rivalry game and now, RVL, what does this say about Rebisco's commitment to the game?
Kenneth Yu:It all starts really with love for the game of volleyball. Our President, Jonathan Ng, has been watching and supporting the game since his college days, so that has extended up to today with Rebisco's support of the national team, the Battle of the Rivals, the Creamline Cool Smashers in the PVL and the PSL sponsorships. With this love for the game that starts with our President, it only made sense that Rebisco would turn its attention to the grassroots level, where we aim to give young players a chance to develop and show their skills. By preparing a good foundation for them, we are also helping create the future volleyball stars who will one day represent and bring pride and glory to the country.
Rick: Can you share a personal anecdote about the games? 
Kenneth Yu:The athleticism and skills of these high school players is amazing. It feels like they are just one short step away from college level play. They are that good. Some of the teams train and practice so hard, and they really take their preparation very seriously. There is a science to their play and training that augurs well for the future development of the game. Imagine, if they are this good now on the high school level, tomorrow's college and pro play will be even higher than it currently is now. The potential for the Philippines to become a strong volleyball country is great. 
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