Manny to run for reelection in Congress?
By Joaquin Henson Updated Monday June 11, 2012 - 12:00am

Jinkee Pacquiao attends to son Michael. JOAQUIN HENSON

LAS VEGAS – It’s been widely reported that Manny Pacquiao will run for governor of Sarangani and relinquish his Congress seat next year. No less than Top Rank chairman Bob Arum disclosed that after discussing future plans with Pacquiao, a timetable was set for four more fights, including Saturday night’s battle against Timothy Bradley Jr., before retiring from the ring.

Pacquiao said he would pursue his political career as Sarangani governor and end his boxing career next year. Arum mentioned the possibility of Pacquiao performing in his farewell fight in Manila.

But lately, Pacquiao is considering reelection to Congress as another term will provide more opportunities to be of consequence on a legislative basis with extensive nationwide media mileage. A source said if Pacquiao is entertaining a notion to run for senator in 2016, serving as governor may not allow as much public recognition because the work will be confined in the province. Pacquiao will be eligible to aspire for a Senate seat when he turns 35. By 2022, Pacquiao could run for President as he will be over the minimum age of 40 by then.

Saturday night’s loss to Bradley will not in any way derail Pacquiao’s political ambitions. In fact, it may even enhance or define his image as a person. How Pacquiao is able to deal with a controversial loss will be a test of character, particularly as it was highly disputed.

HBO Sports gave Pacquiao 11 of the 12 rounds and although overly generous, it’s an indication of how Bradley was dominated. Mexican TV scored it 117-111 for Pacquiao. Fans couldn’t believe that Bradley won and maybe, even Bradley himself was surprised.

Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee said the loss may be a blessing, God’s way of opening the door for the fighter to test his faith on the way to becoming stronger. Pacquiao said he’s convinced he won. He pointed out that a lot of Bradley’s punches landed on his arms and gloves. The punchstats bore him out as Pacquiao landed more blows with more accuracy.

“People know,” said Pacquiao. “I respect the judges. I cannot blame them. It is part of the game. I put my heart in there. I give thanks to the Lord. Let’s give credit to Bradley. He did well tonight. Do I think I won the fight? Absolutely, yes.”

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